Your Guide to Hosting Friendsgiving from Decor to Desserts

Make this special occasion all about food and friends.

holiday punches with garnishing
Photo: Adam Albright

Hosting Friendsgiving should be all about food and friends, not stress. We're sharing our best Friendsgiving ideas, easy tips, quick recipes, and freebies that'll help you host with ease.

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Host the Ultimate Friendsgiving

hands plating holiday dishes
Karla Conrad

Food and friends—there's so much to be thankful for! Celebrate your friends with the ultimate holiday gathering. If you haven't heard of Friendsgiving, we're here with the ultimate what-to-know guide. There aren't any Friendsgiving rules—just gather your pals and enjoy a meal together. We're sharing tested tips for hosting the big meal with ease. Plus, we've got you covered with fast and free printables!

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Fun Shortcuts

Hummus Veggies Turkey Face
Hannah Bigot

This turkey may look like a lot of work, but purchased hummus and a simple piping technique are all it takes. Surround the hummus with presliced veggies and you've got a party-worthy platter in no time! Cut the veggies the day before to save time on the day of the gathering. Day-of, arrange the veggies around the hummus and keep it in the refrigerator until guests arrive.

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Go Big Batch

holiday punches with garnishing
Adam Albright

Plan out your Friendsgiving drinks a few days before the party. There's no need to whip up single-serve cocktails for every guest—a big batch of punch is sure to get the party started. Plus, we're obsessed with how fun the garnishes are in this gorgeous punch bowl setup.

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Slow Cooker Shortcuts

Slow Cooker Pecan Pie
Karla Conrad

The best Friendsgiving recipes are easy ones! Free up oven space and make just about anything in your slow cooker. Everyone loves slow cooker casseroles and sides, but how about pie? Our pumpkin slow cooker pie is quick, easy, and perfect for feeding a crowd.

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Send an Invite

friendsgiving invitation
Carson Downing

Never end up with three sides of mashed potatoes again! This fun (and free!) printable Friendsgiving invite lets you assign dishes, drinks, and serving ware to your guests. Hosting never looked easier.

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Make an Edible Centerpiece

cheese spread with wine and grapes
Carson Downing

Skip a fancy centerpiece for Friendsgiving and create an edible showstopper instead. To make, simply pile cheese and crackers on a cake stand. Arrange fresh grapes around the bottom and you're ready to start snacking.

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Try Turkey Breast

Thanksgiving Dinner with Friends
Andy Lyons

Juicy BBQ turkey breast is one of our favorite Friendsgiving recipes. It's easier to cook than the whole bird and doesn't require any carving—simply slice and serve at dinnertime.

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Double-Duty Dessert

Marshmallow Treat Turkey Dessert
Hannah Bigot

No need to make dessert and party favors. Instead, whip up a fun, shortcut dessert that doubles as an adorable take-home item.

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Take Shortcuts

Garlic & Herb Mashed Potatoes
Marty Baldwin

Instant is A-OK! Instead of peeling, prepping, and boiling loads of potatoes, try a simple shortcut. Dress up instant mashed potatoes with creamy herb cheese—no one has to know this Friendsgiving side dish wasn't made from scratch.

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Tabletop Games

Wooden peg jump game

Keep 'em entertained with simple games scattered on the tabletop. From classics like peg jumping to mini Chinese checkers, a simple game will draw guests to the table and encourage a little friendly competition.

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DIY Decor

DIY Decor hanging photos on string
Kip Dawkins

Use your Friendsgiving decor to show off the ones you love. Decorate for the party with a sentimental photo garland. Simply print black and white photos of attendees and string them on a piece of twine. After Friendsgiving, let guests take their photos with them—or save them to display next year.

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Assembly-Only Apps

appetizer platter
Con Poulos

Stick to assembly-only appetizers to save time and stress. Put out a pretty cheese platter filled with purchased nuts, olives, and fruit. Or, go even simpler with a trio of bar snacks like potato chips, nuts, and olives.

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Free Up Fridge Space

beer bucket
Ray Kachatorian

Room in the refrigerator can be tight during party time. Free up valuable space by moving your beverage station outside. Simply fill a large bowl or tub with ice and fill with bottles of beer and water.

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