Costco Announces Thanksgiving and Holiday Hours

Make your plans now to get groceries in advance of the holidays.

It's that time of the year when the days seem to go by very quickly. We just celebrated the official start of fall, Halloween is happening later this month, and soon, we'll be gathering around the table to enjoy the annual Thanksgiving feast. And as much as you plan and purchase all of your ingredients ahead of time to be completely prepared by Thursday, November 25, sometimes, things happen. (Like that one year when your aunt forgot her famous sweet potato casserole at home, and your uncle had to rush to the store to buy ingredients at the last minute.)

In the case of grocery emergencies, you're going to need to know which stores are even open on Turkey Day. Well, you're going to have to cut Costco out, as the warehouse will keep its doors closed on Thanksgiving.

Costco Wholesale Location exterior
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Unlike some company's like Walmart, Sam's Club, and Target, Costco didn't make a formal announcement because the store is usually closed on Thanksgiving. On the Costco website, you can find the company's holiday closures. And on the list, you'll see seven holidays listed, including Thanksgiving. (Costco is also closed on Christmas Day, so you won't be able to go there for your last-minute needs on December 25, either.)

Although the closure might be a slight inconvenience, it is nice that Costco employees are able to enjoy the holiday with their loved ones. Try your best to remember everything you could possibly need for Thanksgiving dinner, and remember, it's not the end of the world if you do forget an item. Enjoying the day with friends and family is what really matters.

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