Thanksgiving Planning Tips

Follow our Thanksgiving planning tips to make your family's celebration run smoothly this year. From tips on traveling with holiday food to learning how to time the turkey, create a memorable Thanksgiving and still have time to enjoy it. To guarantee a successful Thanksgiving, start planning early in November, using our Thanksgiving timeline as a reference. Our guide to keeping Thanksgiving stress-free will ensure a calm and relaxing day of thanks, and if you run into any snags, you can always consult our Thanksgiving kitchen tips. Need step-by-step roasting instructions? Our easy-to-use, interactive turkey-roasting guide will help you cook the perfect turkey. Learn how to shop for a crowd, and get expert tips for planning the Thanksgiving meal. You'll also find creative ways to give thanks, such as making a clever Thanksgiving centerpiece with everyone's thoughts. For another fun family activity, consult our list of the best Thanksgiving movies. Come Thanksgiving, you'll be well prepared for the big day so that you can focus on giving thanks for your family and friends gathered around the table.

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