22 Ideas for Your Prettiest Fall Front Door Decor Ever

Front porch with wreath, pumpkins
Photo: Werner Straube

Take full advantage of nature's beautiful autumn colors with these favorite fall front door ideas. With ideas for fall wreaths, harvest decor, and seasonal colors, our roundup of outdoor fall decorations has everything you need for a stylish season.

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Plentiful Harvest

Front porch with flowers and pumpkins and dog
Jay Wilde

Gather galvanized buckets to host harvest combinations of pumpkins, flowering kale, and chrysanthemums. Fill the containers partway with soil to anchor the kale and give the pumpkins a boost. Tuck in various gourds in different shapes and unique colors to give your display added interest. A faux lamb's ear wreath completes this fall door decor and front porch design.

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Creative Carved Pumpkins

front steps with etched autumnal pumpkins
Adam Albright

Pumpkins lightly carved with a leaf theme can easily be used to transition from Halloween into the Thanksgiving season. Trace a leaf design, then use a linoleum cutter or ribbon tool to scrape out the design, being careful not to cut completely through. Finish your pumpkins by wrapping a bow around the stems and nestling them with mums and flowering kale.

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Rustic Appeal

Front door with pumpkins, plants
Rett Peek

Woven baskets create a texture-rich display that warms up the look of potted mums. To amplify the color scheme, frame the front door with a grapevine garland accented with bittersweet. Here, the swag was made by unraveling two large grapevine wreaths and securely wiring their juncture to three nails placed above the door. Finish by hanging a coordinating floral wreath.

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Classic Fall Color Scheme

Front porch with wreath, pumpkins
Werner Straube

The front door defines an entry, so make yours shine with a wreath made from Japanese lantern pods. Weave the pod stems into a ready-made grapevine wreath for color in a snap. Tuck in small bunches of seeded eucalyptus, applying dabs of hot glue as needed to secure. Continue the fall door decor color scheme onto your front steps with yellow mums and classic orange jack-o'-lanterns.

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Fall Window Box

Pumpkins and plants in a window box
Miki Duisterhof

For a low-fuss fall window box, start by placing 1 or 2 large frilly ornamental kale or cabbage plants toward the front of the planter. Set 2 or 3 mums behind the kale. Add potting soil to secure the plants and conceal exposed soil with moss. For a finishing touch, nestle an assortment of small pumpkins and gourds on each end.

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Mix-and-Match Fall Display

Front porch with pumpkin and basket display
Miki Duisterhof

We love all that fall offers—pumpkins, flowers, and leaves! No need to pick a favorite with this mix-and-match design featuring several pretty fall decor ideas. Visitors are welcomed with gourds pouring from an upturned basket, dried hydrangeas in a tin vase, and scattered leaves around the entire autumn display.

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Cozy Outdoor Seating

Front porch with wooden seating and flowers
Jay Wilde

Give guests a place to sit and slip on shoes with outdoor seating surrounded by colorful fall accents. Here, pillows and a wool blanket cozy up to a modern farmhouse bench. Look for weather-resistant outdoor fabrics when outfitting your fall front porch. Pink, white, and yellow mums planted in galvanized buckets and baskets add a splash of color.

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Large Container Garden

Front porch with wooden flower box
Peter Krumhardt

Transition this fall-theme porch container to winter (and beyond) by starting with a living evergreen that keeps its color all year. For the cool fall months, surround with purple mums and gold Plectranthus. Flowering kale supplies another layer of purple-pink tones.

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Vintage Appeal

Wagon filled with pumpkins and gourds
Jay Wilde

Pile pumpkins and other harvest gourds into a vintage wagon for a quirky fall planter. Start with your largest pumpkins, then stack small varieties in the gaps. Use a wood crate to raise containers of mums and tall grasses for a layered look.

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Glittering Leaf Garland

Red front porch with variety of plants and pumpkins
Carson Downing

Fall doesn't have to mean red and orange. Here, muted shades of cream and gray add a touch of sophistication to this fall front porch. Pile pumpkins, lanterns, and potted fall mums along the steps to create a welcoming front entry.

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Sunflower Hanging Vase

Hanging metal flower container on front door
Helen Norman

Let a vase of fall flowers do the decorative heavy lifting. Pack "Teddy Bear" sunflowers with rose hips and maple leaves in a watertight, galvanized vase. Then, hang it from your front door, replacing the water and foliage as needed. Or, for a no-fuss fall wreath, create this design using faux flowers.

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Tin Basin Container Garden

Outdoor fall décor with plants and corn
Christopher Hirsheimer

Show off your gardening prowess with a tin basin overflowing with fall finds. Set next to your door, it invites color and conversation. To make this arrangement, place pots of croton shrubs in the basin's center. Surround the front with droopy dried wheat, and fill the back with tall grasses. Lay dried Indian corn beside the display.

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Stacked Pumpkins

Front porch with pumpkins and planters
Scott Little

Carved pumpkins aren't limited to October 31. Turn a few pumpkins into bowls by cutting off the top and scooping out the insides. Use a pencil to trace a scallop design and carve. A power drill and drill bits make quick work of adding decorative circles. Place a vase of flowers in one pumpkin and candles in others. Display Cinderella pumpkins with their stems cut off for optimal stacking potential.

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Whimsy Pumpkin Decor

halloween front porch bench with pumpkins

Make visitors smile with a welcoming fall display. This attention-grabbing front entry bench is stacked with a basket of mini pumpkins, outdoor pillows, and a cozy blanket. Encourage guests to stay a while with a white pumpkin painted with the word "gather."

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Pumpkin Filled Porch

front porch with pumpkins
Werner Straube

Don't toss the pumpkins after Halloween. Instead, remove the spooky carved pumpkins from your display and replace them with potted mums and a few chairs from the house. Finish the look with an oversize piece of art and a few fall-theme pillows.

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Natural Wheat Wreath

Front porch with fall decor
Adam Albright

Decorative kale and a rustic rope garland take a fall front porch to the next level. Choose a simple wheat wreath for the front door and round out the display with red mums, black lanterns, and piles of gourds.

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Pressed-Leaf Wreath

Hanging wreath made of leaves on wooden front door
Shaun Sullivan

Pressed (or faux) leaves wired together in a small circle turn into beautiful front door decor. To make the wreath, cut a slit in the center of the leaves with small scissors or a utility knife. String leaves onto a wire wreath form until full. Hang it on a wreath hanger with a pretty ribbon.

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Hanging Gourd Vase

swan neck gourd with foliage
Peter Krumhardt

Embellish the railing that leads to your front door with this clever gourd vase. Cut a 1- to 2-inch hole near the neck of a swan gourd. Remove a bit of the pith, and tuck in black-eyed Susans, mums, and a Virginia creeper. Use the curved neck to hang on your railing and greet fall guests.

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Farmhouse Fall Door Decor

Front porch with fall décor
Jacob Fox

This simple front entry welcomes fall with a sweet casualness. Use wire to attach faux flowers to a basic white berry wreath form. Hang two from your door with a thick burlap ribbon. Finish the farmhouse front porch with stacks of pumpkins, mums, and ornamental grasses.

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All-Out Fall Door Display

Red front door with large fall wreath
Greg Scheidemann

An autumn wreath featuring crisp green apples matches a porch full of fall flowers, gourds, and pumpkins. Hay bales and apple baskets let you play with the heights of your fall display. Cornstalks provide a striking vertical focus that takes up minimal space near your front door. For a longer-lasting look, opt for faux fruit.

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Rustic Dried Leaf and Berry Wreath

Fall wreath with leaves and berries
Scott Little

All you need to spruce up a rustic-looking front door for fall is a faux berry wreath! For the outer edge, hot-glue faux oak leaves in an effortless, loose style to a foam wreath form. Fill the center with bundles of faux red berries, pushing the bundles between the leaves for dimension.

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Square Fall Wreath

Dog on front porch with fall décor
Jason Donnelly

A tall cluster of cornstalks is the focal point of this rustic fall porch. Stack them next to the door to create a dramatic display. Pile on a variety of pumpkins and add a basket of fall mums. Finish with a ladder blanket rack decorated with vintage seed bags.

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