Decorate Your Prettiest Fall Front Door Ever

Simple wreath form with natural elements glued on
Don't wait for Christmas to go all out on door decorations. These fall front door ideas will help you take full advantage of nature's beautiful autumn colors.

Mix-and-Match Fall Display

We love all that fall has to offer -- pumpkins, flowers, baskets, and leaves! No need to pick a favorite with this mix-and-match design featuring several pretty ideas: gourds pouring from an upturned basket, dried hydrangeas in a tin vase, and scattered leaves around the whole display.

Large Container Garden

Transition this fall-theme porch container to winter (and beyond) by starting with a living evergreen that keeps its color year-round. For the cool fall months, surround with purple mums and gold Plectranthus. Flowering cabbage supplies another layer of purple-pink tones.

Glittering Leaf Garland

Fall doesn't have to mean red and orange. Spruce up classic maple leaves by adding glitter!

Sunflower Hanging Vase

Let a vase of fall flowers do the decorative heavy lifting. Pack "Teddy Bear" sunflowers in a watertight galvanized vase along with rose hips and maple leaves, then hang it from your front door.

Tin Basin Container Garden

Show off your gardening prowess with a tin basin overflowing with fall finds. Set next to your door, it invites color and conversation. To make, place pots of croton shrubs in the center of the basin. Surround the front with droopy dried wheat, and fill the back with tall grasses. Lay dried Indian corn beside the display.

Hanging Gourd Vase

Embellish the railing that leads to your front door with this clever gourd vase. Cut a 1- to 2-inch hole near the neck of a swan gourd. Remove a bit of the pith, and tuck in black-eyed Susans, mums, and a Virginia creeper. Use the nifty neck to hang on your railing and greet fall guests.

Rug, Potted Plants, and Wreath Display

The time-consuming part of this stunning display is the rug. Make your own stencil by tracing a shape onto poster board (we used several sizes of tulip poplar leaves). Cut out the stencil, place on an outdoor rug, and roll paint over your design. Remove the stencil and repeat. The rest of the fall entry comes together with potted yellow mums, hanging red lanterns, and a simple vine wreath.

Ornamental Grass Wreath

Soft and easy, this grass wreath welcomes fall with a sweet casualness. Use wire to attach bundles of ornmanental grass and purple fountain grass seed heads to a basic wreath form. Hang from your door with a thick dark-green ribbon.

Stacked Pumpkins

Carved pumpkins aren't limited to October 31. Turn a few pumpkins into bowls by cutting off the top and scooping out the insides. Use a pencil to trace a scallop design and carve. A power drill and drill bits make quick work of adding decorative circles. Place a vase of flowers in one pumpkin and candles in others. Display with squatty pumpkins with their stems cut off for optimal stacking potential.

Pressed-Leaf Wreath

Pressed (or faux) leaves wired together in a small circle turn into beautiful front door decor. Suspend with a showy plaid ribbon.

All-Out Fall Door Display

An autumn wreath featuring crisp green apples matches a porch full of fall flowers, gourds, and pumpkins. Hay bales and apple baskets let you play with the heights of your display.

Rustic Dried Leaf and Berry Wreath

A rustic-looking door is made for fall. All you need to spruce it up is a faux berry wreath! For the outside, hot-glue faux oak leaves in an easy, loose style. Fill the middle with bundles of faux red berries, pushing the bundles between the leaves for dimension.

Make a front door show-stopper using just a few supplies, including natural hydrangea and a large vine wreath. See our editor's secrets to the dramatic fall craft!

Natural Hydrangea Wreath

Hydrangeas and floral wire take a simple grapevine twig wreath to the next level.

Monogram Leaf Hanging

Give your front door a personal touch by decorating the first letter of your last name with bright red and orange pressed leaves.

Square Fall Wreath

Lotus seed pods add a simple elegance to an otherwise no-frills square wreath. Start with a purchased leaf wreath or make your own with a square twig wreath form (available at crafts stores) and ample hot glue and faux leaves.

Autumn Elements Door Swag

Make an Autumn (or Welcome) sign out of some twine and nuts or cuttings you find in your backyard. A small, simple wreath with decorative corn ears and greenery rounds out the decor.

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