The Best Seafood Thanksgiving Menu for Non-Turkey Fans

Think beyond the bird this season with seafood-inspired additions to your Thanksgiving menu that are destined to become new traditions.

Whether you're landlocked or living on the beach, a seafood Thanksgiving menu will transport you to new fresh and flavorful holiday territory. So skip the expected turkey this year and try a few recipes that are a little more unique. This light, satisfying menu—starting with Roasted Chicories with Browned Butter and ending with light and creamy Pavlova—will impress your guests even more than a basic Thanksgiving dinner. Round out the meal with a vegetable side dish or try making homemade boiled lobster with butter and lemon. As an added bonus, this easy holiday menu includes a vegetarian Thanksgiving main dish option!

Seafood Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes

Go beyond the bird this year with these seafood Thanksgiving recipes:

See photos and learn more about each of these seafood-inspired recipes below.

Roasted Chicories with Brown Butter

Vegetable Side Dish: Roasted Chicories with Browned Butter

For a vegetable side that's the perfect partner for your seafood Thanksgiving entrée, try roasted chicories.

Start by toasting bread cubes, then sprinkle on Parmesan and parsley. Next, season and roast the endive and radicchio. Bring it all together with a citrus-tinged browned butter and caper sauce. It's almost like classic Thanksgiving stuffing, but with a seafood-inspired twist!

Whether you serve it with turkey or fish, this might just become your new favorite Thanksgiving side dish.

Get the recipe: Roasted Chicories with Browned Butter


Entrée: Bouillabaisse

Ham or turkey for Thanksgiving? Neither! Seafood fans: This delicious bouillabaisse, a seafood stew that originated in the Provence region of France, is designed for you.

An assortment of seasonings like lemon peel and cayenne pepper make the broth stand out without overshadowing the fresh shrimp, scallops, whitefish, and mussels (there's no shortage of seafood in this Thanksgiving fish recipe). Plus, there's fresh produce like tomatoes and potatoes.

On a chilly day in fall, this dish will make you feel warm, comfortably full, and happy.

Get the recipe: Bouillabaisse

Easy Boiled Lobster
Blaine Moats

Entrée: Boiled Lobster

Celebrate the holiday with this Thanksgiving lobster recipe. Plan on serving one pound of lobster per person. Complete this seafood dish for Thanksgiving with one (or two!) of our four sauce options. Serve the finished lobster on a large platter with sliced lemons.

Test Kitchen Tip: Live lobsters should be cooked the same day they are purchased.

Get the recipe: Easy Boiled Lobster

Lemon-Cream Pavlova with Berries

Dessert: Lemon-Cream Pavlova with Berries

Ready for a delicious dessert to complete this seafood masterpiece? Skip the heavy pie and follow up this meal with an airy, fresh dessert. Fill a light meringue with a cream mixture, lemon curd, and berries, then crown it all with a touch of elegance by way of edible rose petals. This light, fluffy, fruity dish is the perfect ending to your Thanksgiving seafood feast.

Tip: For the meringue, bake as directed without opening the oven door. Turn off the heat after the designated time and allow the meringue to cool/dry in the oven with the door closed.

Get the recipe: Lemon-Cream Pavlova with Berries

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