This Menu Will Convince You to Eat Chinese Food for Thanksgiving

Skip the traditional Thanksgiving flavors and enjoy your favorites with an added twist of ginger, hoisin, and sesame.

This easy Chinese Thanksgiving menu offers the best of both worlds. On one hand, you have classic Thanksgiving recipes like turkey, vegetables, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin pie. On the other hand, you have your favorite Chinese food recipes, such as potstickers, and delicious flavors like sesame, hoisin, garlic, and ginger. You don't need a fortune cookie to know that this complete Chinese Thanksgiving menu is going to be delicious. Who knows: Maybe these simple Chinese Thanksgiving dishes will become the new tradition at your house! We'll show you how to prepare flavorful Chinese Thanksgiving dishes your whole family will love.

Chinese Thanksgiving Recipes

Branch out from the same old roast turkey and pumpkin pie with these six Chinese Thanksgiving dinner recipes:

See photos and learn more about each of these Chinese-inspired recipes, below.

Steamed Dumplings
Andy Lyons

Appetizer: Dumplings

One of our favorite authentic Chinese recipes, dumplings taste best when enjoyed fresh out of the steamer. But you don't have to go to a Chinese restaurant for Thanksgiving to enjoy them. Go the DIY route—it's worth the effort! Plus, since they're homemade, you can easily customize both the filling and the dipping sauce to get your ideal bite.

Make-Ahead Tip: Prepare the dumplings up to a month in advance and freeze. Steam directly out of the freezer (no separate thawing step required) for at least 16 minutes to cook the filling.

Get the recipe: Steamed Dumplings

Garden Stir-Fry
Brie Passano

Side Dish: Garden Stir-Fry

A homemade stir-fry sauce takes this simple dish to the next level. Make it ahead of time and all you'll need to do is cook your veggies on Thanksgiving. Serve this flavorful veggie side dish with white or brown rice. Whether you're hosting a Chinese Thanksgiving meal or not, be sure to add this to your list of Thanksgiving recipe ideas!

Get the recipe: Garden Stir-Fry

Sesame Turkey salad dish with sesame seed
Cooking a Thanksgiving turkey has never been easier! The trick to making this Chinese turkey is slow-cooking turkey breast tenderloins instead of roasting a whole bird. Kritsada Panichgul

Entrée: Sesame Turkey

If you thought you'd have to give up turkey to enjoy Chinese food for Thanksgiving dinner, think again! This easy turkey recipe allows you to get your fix in an entrée that fits your Chinese Thanksgiving menu. The turkey breast is topped with a sauce made with soy sauce, ginger, sesame oil, garlic, and more. Extra flavor and the finishing touches come from a sprinkling of sesame seeds and green onion. Oh, and did we mention this Thanksgiving dish can be made in the slow cooker AND it takes only 20 minutes of prep? Easiest. Turkey. Ever.

Get the recipe: Sesame Turkey

Honey-Hoisin Sweet Potatoes with limes and green onion
You can easily make Thanksgiving sweet potatoes fit into your Chinese menu by roasting them in a sweet and savory honey-hoisin sauce, and topping with green onions and cashews. Andy Lyons

Sweet Potato Side Dishes: Honey-Hoisin Sweet Potatoes

Yes, you can include sweet potatoes on your list of Thanksgiving side dishes, even if you're serving up a Chinese Thanksgiving dinner. Try this sweet and salty side dish as long as you don't mind skipping the marshmallow-topped casserole variety. Brush hoisin sauce, honey, olive oil, and salt over the potato halves. Once they've roasted to tender perfection, add some more of this tasty mixture and lime juice. Finally, serve the potatoes with cashews, green onions, and lime wedges for your new favorite way to eat sweet potatoes.

Get the recipe: Honey-Hoisin Sweet Potatoes

Ginger Pumpkin Meringue Pie sitting on table
Adding ground ginger to the filling and using a gingersnap-graham cracker crust transforms traditional pumpkin pie just enough to help it fit in on your Chinese Thanksgiving menu. Jason Donnelly

Dessert: Ginger Pumpkin Meringue Pie

This delicious recipe is proof that meringue isn't reserved for lemons and spring. This dessert is all autumn, with a hint of Chinese Thanksgiving food flavors thanks to the ground ginger in the filling. From the pretty peaks of the meringue to the hints of the harvest throughout the pie, you'll thoroughly enjoy every bite of this dessert. Thanksgiving pumpkin pie recipes will never be the same!

Get the recipe: Ginger Pumpkin Meringue Pie

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