30+ Thanksgiving Menu Ideas from Classic to Soul Food & More

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Whether you want to stick to tradition or start a new one, we have a foolproof Thanksgiving menu for you. From classic Thanksgiving dishes to a completely meatless Thanksgiving dinner menu, everyone will leave the table satisfied when you follow these Thanksgiving dinner menus.

Classic Thanksgiving Menu

When this classic Thanksgiving dinner hits the table, it will look just like a Norman Rockwell illustration. When you lick your plate clean of the traditional Thanksgiving sides and mile-high caramel apple pie, you'll be just as impressed by the flavors as by how good it all looks. Try our suggested wine pairings to complete the meal.

Classic Thanksgiving Menu Recipes

Traditional Thanksgiving Menu

Do you prefer pumpkin or pecan pie? This traditional Thanksgiving dinner menu features both of those classic desserts, plus stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, and terrifically tender turkey, of course. To cut down on stress the day of, prepare the potatoes up to 48 hours ahead and chill. Then a couple hours before guests arrive, transfer them to your slow cooker to bring the velvety potatoes back up to temp.

Traditional Dinner Menu Recipes

Quick and Easy Thanksgiving Menu

Don’t spend all day (or several days) sweating in the kitchen to bring your Thanksgiving dishes to the table. Take note of our clever countdown clocks and you’ll see that some of these quick and easy Thanksgiving recipes, including pumpkin pie cupcakes, take just 10 minutes to prepare! The longest prep time? Just over two hours for the hazelnut-crusted turkey breast entree.

Quick & Easy Thanksgiving Menu Recipes

Soul Food Thanksgiving Menu

Bacon-topped corn bread is only the beginning in this soul food Thanksgiving dinner menu! This warm and comforting Thanksgiving menu features buttermilk biscuits, cream-topped Brussels sprouts, plus bourbon-spiked sweet tea. Wrap things up with a crowd-pleasing mash-up dessert: soul food sweet potato pie.

Soul Food Thanksgiving Menu Recipes

Southern Thanksgiving Menu

Not much says "I'm in the south!" like a great mint julep and some pimento cheese. This unique Southern Thanksgiving dinner menu highlights those items and balances them with more produce-packed recipes for collard greens, butternut squash casserole, green beans -- oh yes, and southern pumpkin praline pie. We packed a lot into this menu—several main dish, side dish and dessert options—so you can tailor your Southern-style meal to your taste.

Southern Thanksgiving Menu Recipes

Vintage Thanksgiving Menu

This vintage Thanksgiving menu starts with a classic cocktail like the Old Fashioned, finish with a slice of sweet and crunchy pecan pie. In between, you’ll savor our best vintage stuffing recipe (Corn bread, sage, and onion? Yes, please!), light and fluffy dinner rolls, and condensed soup-free green bean casserole. This is how your great grandma may have prepared her Thanksgiving feast.

Vintage Thanksgiving Dinner Menu Recipes

Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving Menu

Speaking of great grandma, this old-fashioned Thanksgiving dinner menu would no doubt make her proud. Use pan drippings to make a savory old-fashioned gravy, then bake up some bread and apple stuffing, and add an herb-rubbed turkey. Take note: Our Twice-Baked Sweet Potatoes (make-ahead option included) might just steal the spotlight from the bird.

Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving Menu Recipes

Budget-Friendly Thanksgiving Menu

Your stomach and your bank account will be overjoyed about these low-cost Thanksgiving dinner ideas that take advantage of budget-savvy options like turkey thighs, canned pumpkin (in the yeast rolls and the feeds-an-army pie), butternut squash, and potatoes. Pssst...don't miss the spiced cider!

Budget-Friendly Thanksgiving Menu Recipes

Rustic Thanksgiving Menu

No need to be fussy. This rustic, down-home Thanksgiving menu lets the flavors, rather than the plating, do the talking via such tasty options like sausage and corn bread stuffing, sheet pan-roasted fingerling potatoes, and a free form apple tart. When we think of rustic cooking, we think of roasting, so this menu employs a lot of that simple, hands-off technique.

Rustic Thanksgiving Menu Recipes

Elegant Thanksgiving Menu

Pop the bubbly! Made with decadent ingredients like brie cheese and showcasing Instagram-worthy items like a shiny cider-brined turkey, these elegant Thanksgiving dinner ideas look like they came straight out of a gourmet restaurant kitchen. Be sure to light a few candles to set the mood!

Elegant Thanksgiving Menu Recipes

Chinese Thanksgiving Menu

Sesame seeds, shiitake mushrooms, hoisin sauce, and other Asian ingredients star in this global holiday meal. Don't think we forgot about dessert! Here, the pumpkin pie is dressed up with a gingery filling and a brown sugar-sweetened meringue that's the perfect way to end this Chinese Thanksgiving dinner.

Chinese Thanksgiving Menu Recipes

Thanksgiving Brunch Menu

When you dine out at brunch, you have to make a very difficult decision: go savory and opt for eggs or lean sweet and order pancakes? Since you're cooking this Thanksgiving brunch menu at home, and since it's a holiday, you can have it all! Snack on pumpkin cinnamon rolls, sausage and corn muffin sliders, and turkey and egg strata, then wash everything down with a spiked coffee cocktail.

Thanksgiving Brunch Menu Recipes

Make-Ahead Thanksgiving Menu

Step away from the stove and actually enjoy your company this Thanksgiving with a make-ahead menu that takes off the pressure! Stick to easy make-ahead appetizers like cheese balls that can hang out in the refrigerator overnight, and set and forget our green bean casserole in your slow cooker. All of our make-ahead side dishes pair beautifully with our sanity-saving turkey recipe (complete with done-early gravy).

Make-Ahead Thanksgiving Menu Recipes

Napa Valley, California, Thanksgiving Menu

Make Thanksgiving even more spirited by serving a spread of wine-infused recipes! Every single one of these Napa Valley Thanksgiving menu ideas, from wine-poached beets to pumpkin pie topped with a port-pear sauce, calls for a different variety of wine. You know what that means? Plenty of open bottles to pass around and pair with the food!

Napa Valley Thanksgiving Menu Recipes

Cajun Thanksgiving Menu

No holiday vacation this year? No problem. This Cajun Thanksgiving menu will transport you to New Orleans from the comfort of your own table. Spicy sausage stuffed peppers, Cajun corn bread, and a turkey topped with a bacon lattice (you read that right!) are all here. The sweetest way to wrap up your meal is with a classic Cajun dessert: beignets!

Cajun Thanksgiving Menu Recipes

Italian Thanksgiving Menu

You may not think of Italian food as the first choice to serve at an American Thanksgiving dinner, but a snacky antipasto platter and creamy butternut risotto fit right in next to arugula-rubbed turkey. While you could choose an Italian Thanksgiving pie like pumpkin-mascarpone, you can also end the meal with a simple panna cotta. Or both. 

Italian Thanksgiving Menu Recipes

Healthy Thanksgiving Menu

Thanksgiving dinner isn't always brown on brown on brown. Try our healthy Thanksgiving dishes like sweet potato and pomegranate salad, roasted beets and green beans, and spinach-stuffed turkey. No recipe in this round-up, including dessert, has more than 260 calories per serving.

Healthy Thanksgiving Menu Recipes

Bistro Thanksgiving Menu

Pick a few French touches to add to your menu and voila -- you'll be serving a bistro Thanksgiving dinner that will be talked about for years to come. We crave this squash and carrot soup all year after serving it at the holidays, and fight over the last bite of walnut and sage potatoes au gratin. Nothing will fly off your table faster than the Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake, however.

Bistro-Style Thanksgiving Menu Recipes

New Thanksgiving Menu

Cranberries and cauliflower. Squash and pistachios. Apples and cheesy mac. You probably haven't combined these flavors together before, and these recipes will make you wonder why you waited so long to do just that! Start some new traditions with these trendy and tasty Thanksgiving apps, sides, and desserts. (The turkey stays, naturally, but gets a Greek twist.)

New Traditions Thanksgiving Menu Recipes

BBQ Thanksgiving Menu

The weather is getting a bit cooler, but don't put away the grill quite yet! Each of these barbecue Thanksgiving menu ideas, including a creamy BBQ soup with asparagus, toasty baby carrots, and foil-pack apple crisp, are prepped right on your barbecue. You should probably get that lighter ready...

Barbecue Thanksgiving Menu Recipes


Vegetarian Thanksgiving Menu

A Thanksgiving menu without turkey can be satisfying. Let a few hearty sides (like hasselback potatoes, protein-rich green bean salad, and roasted sprouts and apples) do the talking, and round things out with a vegetarian Thanksgiving entree of Pumpkin Macaroni and Cheese. Save room for a slice of PSL pie, too!

Vegetarian Thanksgiving Menu Recipes

Mexican Thanksgiving Menu

Pumpkin guacamole, you have officially become our new favorite appetizer. It's the perfect starting course on this Mexican-Influenced Thanksgiving dinner menu. Give the rest of your holiday meal some south-of-the-border flair and top baked sweet potatoes with jalapenos, stuffed squash with chorizo and Cotija cheese, and add a layer of chipotle-cream cheese to your pumpkin pie.

Mexican Thanksgiving Menu Recipes

Seafood Thanksgiving Menu

Light yet satisfying, these seafood holiday recipes will be stars even if you live hundreds of miles from the coast. Just be sure to catch the freshest seafood you can for the dishes that range from Pumpkin-Shrimp Bruschetta to Bouillabaisse (a French stew that calls for scallops, mussels, whitefish, and more). For a refreshing dessert to perfectly complement your seafood Thanksgiving, try a fruit- and rose-topped pavlova.

Seafood Thanksgiving Menu Recipes

Hawaiian Thanksgiving Menu

Mango, pineapple, coconut, and other island ingredients will make you feel like you have your feet in the sand as you enjoy this Hawaiian Thanksgiving dinner. The unique spins on stuffing, baked ham, and soup will have your guests begging you for the recipes.

Hawaiian Thanksgiving Menu Recipes

International Thanksgiving Menu

Attention wanderlust-ers: This international Thanksgiving menu will allow you to hop from India to Korea to China to Mexico -- all without waiting in any airport lines! The Sesame Green Bean Tart will make everyone forget green bean casserole ever existed, and the ginger, garlic, and chili sauce notes in the turkey rub give each bite a bit of a kick.

International Thanksgiving Menu Recipes

Creole Thanksgiving Menu

How can you tell the difference between creole and cajun food? Creole recipes often include tomatoes, while Cajun recipes tend to skip them. Try tossing a few diced cherry tomatoes into the paella stuffing to give a nod to tradition, then complete your Creole Thanksgiving dinner with a big batch of collard greens, spicy cranberry barbecue turkey, and bourbon pumpkin pie with salted pecans.

Creole Thanksgiving Menu Recipes


Light Thanksgiving Menu

Fill up on a variety of seasonal recipes that have less than 400 calories. The essentials are all here -- cranberries, sweet potatoes, stuffing, turkey, pie -- just with a few smart and skinny ingredient swaps. Since there are always leftovers, you can go to sleep feeling good about these light Thanksgiving recipes. You'll experience zero guilt about enjoying round two the next day, too!

Light Thanksgiving Menu Recipes

Spicy Thanksgiving Menu

Crank up the heat this holiday and pull together a spicy Thanksgiving menu featuring roasted mole-basted turkey, cumin-rubbed sweet potatoes, and chipotle pepper green bean casserole. Even the dessert has a kick: Mexican Chocolate Pumpkin Pie! We don't offer any wine pairing ideas here...you might just want a glass of milk.

Spicy Thanksgiving Menu Recipes

Friendsgiving Menu

Celebrate the year with your best pals -- and a table full of cheesy cauliflower gratin, quick-cooking turkey breast, and pumpkin ice cream. Assign everyone a dish and make it a potluck Friendsgiving!

Friendsgiving Menu Recipes

Small Thanksgiving Menu

If you're planning a small Thanksgiving dinner with a few close friends or family members, you can afford to get a little more creative with your dishes than you would when cooking for big crowds. Rather than cooking up a big bird and dealing with loads of leftovers, consider a petite fowl like the Cornish game hen—we've got two delicious recipe suggestions. Creative twists on traditional classics make this menu a meal to remember.

Small Thanksgiving Menu Recipes

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