Barbecue Thanksgiving Menu

If you think Fourth of July or Labor Day are the only holidays you can enjoy barbecued foods, think again. This barbecue Thanksgiving menu will be all the proof you need that grilling is always a good way to go.

A grill is a time-crunched cook's best friend. And summer is your ideal season because that's when the grill gets used for pool party foods and patio dining fare, right?

But we have news for you: The grill isn't just for summer anymore. It's time to make the holiday season part of barbecue season, too. And what better way to celebrate this discovery than with a grilled feast for the day of overeating? Yes, it's time for a "grate" Thanksgiving. 

We already have the BBQ Thanksgiving menu ready, so go prepare your grill!

Soup: Grilled Asparagus Soup with Chile Croutons

Asparagus tastes delicious when grilled. And when it's mixed into a soup that's full of flavor and paired with grilled croutons coated in chili-butter, it tastes even better! Start your barbecue Thanksgiving menu on a light, healthy note with this warm appetizer.

Running short on time? It won't be a problem—this dish can be ready to serve in 30 minutes. Need it quicker than that? Bypass the grill and blanch the asparagus instead. Toast the baguette slices under a broiler for quick croutons. 

Get the recipe: Grilled Asparagus Soup with Chile Croutons

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Vegetable Side Dish: Grilled Green Beans

If there's one thing that makes us want to gobble up more greens and veggies, it's eating them when they're grilled to perfection.

As a Thanksgiving classic, green beans deserve a place on the dining table. But instead of the same ol' casserole, spice things up this year on the grill and add a kick of jalapeno peppers and flavorful garlic.

You won't regret adding this vitamin-packed side to your BBQ Thanksgiving menu.

Get the recipe: Grilled Green Beans

Potato Side Dish: Buttermilk Mashed Grilled Potatoes

While we're on the veggie grilling train, let's take an unexpected stop. That's right: grilled potatoes are totally a thing, and we're completely on board.

To make grilled Yukon golds Thanksgiving-appropriate, we recommend mashing them with a bit of buttermilk, butter, and fresh chives. Then dig in to the creamy buttermilk flavor you're accustomed to with mom's mashed potatoes while savoring the fresh-off-the-grill flavor you love.

The mashed potato game has officially been changed (and arguably won).

Get the recipe: Buttermilk Mashed Grilled Potatoes

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Entree: Barbecue Spice-Rubbed Turkey Breast

This turkey is for the true barbecue-lover—and diners who are seeking far-from-bland white meat.

Although it's roasted and not grilled, it still has all the authentic spice-rubbed flavor you could want—balanced with a serving of festive cranberry-infused barbecue sauce. It's the perfect entree for your BBQ Thanksgiving dinner.

Fan Rave: "Great rub, with just the right amount of sweet and heat. This was delicious, I will definitely make it again!" — Kristina Lopez

Get the recipe: BBQ Spice-Rubbed Turkey Breast

Vegetable Side Dish: Grilled Baby Carrots

Rather than serving carrots raw on a crudite platter, try tossing these delectable root vegetables onto the grill.

Lightly season, then top these veggies with a delicious spiced yogurt. Steak rub and salt ensure it's savory and scrumptious. It's a perfect veggie dip for grilled carrots. (Sorry, ranch.)

Sprinkle with some pistachio nuts for extra crunch factor, and you've got carrots like you've never tasted before.

Tip: Make sure you buy plain Greek yogurt rather than vanilla so this side can skew salty/savory rather than sweet.

Get the recipe: Grilled Baby Carrots

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Dessert: Grilled Apple Crisp with Porter-Toffee Sauce

You didn't know dessert could be grilled? It can—and it tastes amazing!

Skip the baking this year without sacrificing the sweets. This apple crisp is prepped, packaged in foil, then cooked on the grill. To make this dessert even yummier, top with a Porter-Toffee Sauce and a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Tip: To make the Porter-Toffee Sauce outdoors, simply follow the instructions and use a small saucepan on your grill grates or grill side burner rather than on the stove top.

Get the recipe: Grilled Apple Crisp with Porter-Toffee Sauce

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