Here are some terrific ideas for place settings and napkins that your guests will appreciate. Don't miss our how-to video for more tips.

June 09, 2015

Fall Decorations

For a beautiful fall treatment, fold a napkin into quarters, then bring the two corners toward the center. Fold the top third down toward the back. Tie a brown silk ribbon around the middle to act as a napkin ring.

Finally, tuck a sprig of artificial fall berries and a few stems of wheat (found at most craft stores) under the ribbon for an autumn-inspired napkin fold everyone will notice.

Bracelet Napkin Ring

What looks like a crystal napkin ring is actually an inexpensive bracelet on this glamorous setting. Pinch an unfolded napkin in the center, letting the tails fall. Slip the bracelet over the top and arrange it about one-third of the way down. Next, slip a sparkly leaf (found at most craft stores) under the bracelet. This look would also work well for a New Year's Eve party.

Pumpkin Topper

Leave a little "present" on each guest's place with this clever napkin fold. Take a napkin and fold it in quarters, then into thirds. Then, fold the whole thing in half and wrap the bundle with brown silk ribbon -- just like a package. Set a miniature pumpkin on top for a finishing touch and an easy party favor.


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