Thanksgiving Fruit Centerpieces

fall produce with green garnish decoration
Try our thanksgiving fruit centerpieces with real fruit! Use the fruits of the season's harvest to create unique thanksgiving table decorations for fall entertaining or your Thanksgiving feast.

Tiered Beauty

This Thanksgiving fruit centerpiece is perfect for those who love farmhouse style. Inspired by country living, two galvanized metal trays stack on top of each other to form this tiered display. Begin by filling the trays with a bed of filler greenery, such as eucalyptus leaves. Then add the fruit—bright orange tangerines and big beautiful pomegranates nicely filled out the space in this fruit centerpiece. Finally, place a dozen or so sunny yellow flowers to fill in the gaps. 

The New Garland

Magnolia leaves are big this holiday season, and not just in size. You've probably noticed the sturdy, two-toned leaves in wreaths and bouquets, so why not make them into a stunning garland for your Thanksgiving table. Here, a bed of magnolia leaves were carefully strung together with seeded eucalyptus, leucodendron, hypericum, and more. Once on the table, place bright tangerines throughout the Thanksgiving fruit centerpiece for a contrasting look that wows. 

Bounty of Fruit

Thanksgiving dinner is often full of yummy vegetable sides. And while we have nothing against green bean casserole, it's nice to include fruit on your Thanksgiving table as a digestif. This fruit centerpiece starts with a gorgeous marble bowl on a gold base. Tangerines and pears fill out the center while two bundles of grapes flow over the edge. Finally, purple decorative kale is placed to fill in holes and provides a colorful contrast.

Seeing Red and Green

Get the most out of the entire holiday season with this inspired fruit centerpiece. Decorated with the colors of the season, red pomegranates and green artichokes pile high in a simple, elegant bowl. Add about a half dozen red daisies for a beautiful finishing touch. Replace the fruit as necessary for a no-fuss holiday centerpiece that works for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Pretty Pears

This Thanksgiving fruit centerpiece doesn't require any complex assembly. Start with a blue table runner and a large faux pumpkin. Make a curved trail of faux fall foliage and pears down the runner. Finish it off with some small white votives and tea lights.

Autumnal Branches with Citrus

Gather branches to use in an autumnal centerpiece. Look for both curved and straight branches with acorns or leaves attached. Arrange your finds in a glass vase partially filled with water. Float small citrus fruits (such as clementines) in the vase for a pop of color.

Centerpiece with Leaves, Fruit, and Ribbon

Create this DIY fruit centerpiece from three sizes of trays or plates elevated by six clear glasses filled with berries or fruit. Leaves, pinecones, and ribbons finish this tiered decoration.

Candle Centerpiece with Apples

Multicolored fall apples lend themselves well to an easy centerpiece for a relaxed Thanksgiving dinner. Partially fill a large glass bowl with the fruit. Place a chunky pillar candle in the center on top of the apples. Add extra apples to fill the bowl and to support the candle.

Harvest Basket

Do something unexpected with your Thanksgiving centerpiece. Update the classic cornucopia by filling a simple wire basket with a bounty of autumn naturals like flowers, pumpkins, gourds, and berries. Stick with a fall color scheme for a cohesive look.

Centerpiece with Fruit, Nuts, and Leaves

Prep this easy fruit centerpiece and check it off your Thanksgiving to-do list before the big feast. Arrange pears, nuts, fresh or preserved leaves, and a few shocks of wheat in a tightly woven wire bowl for an update on the classic cornucopia.

Pumpkin Basket with Fall Flowers

A twist on the expected makes for an eye-catching Thanksgiving centerpiece. Try something different with a pumpkin by carving it into a handled basket. Fit a bowl inside to hold oasis and a variety of fall flowers and leaves. Tealights finish the look and add ambiance.

Showcase of Fall Elements

A blend of elements brings together the best fall has to offer. To make this DIY fruit centerpiece, gather a bunch of acorns (with and without caps), and hot-glue them to a basic basket. Line the basket with plastic or foil, and place florist's foam inside. Start the arrangement with five or six not-too-ripe pears. Poke skewers into the bottoms of the fruits and stick into the florist's foam. Fill the basket with dahlia blooms, sprigs of crabapple, bittersweet, mountain ash berries, and other seasonal foliage.

Editor's Tip: If you don't live near acorn-dropping oak trees, use unshelled mixed nuts to decorate the basket.

Mixed Fruit Centerpiece

For this Thanksgiving centerpiece, pair perennial favorites, such as pears, apples, and kumquats with radishes, limes, and brussels sprouts. Peel off part of the lime rinds in a spiral shape. Brush with lemon juice to prevent browning. To make the florets, cut the top third of the brussels sprouts, soak in water in the refrigerator for several hours, then peel back the leaves to make the petals. Arrange your mixed fruits and veggies with sprigs of nonedible juniper in a harvest-hue footed bowl to place on your Thanksgiving table.

Editor's Tip: Rub a thin layer of vegetable oil on the radishes and limes to prevent them from drying out.

Flower Vase with Fruit Garnish

Give your Thanksgiving table decor some color. Orange slices set the tone for this cheerful arrangement of roses, gerbera daisies, stock, chrysanthemums, and tulips. Lemons, limes, and oranges make colorful embellishments in clear vases. Cut the fruit in slices or wedges, or leave them whole.

Candles & Fruit Centerpiece

Candles easily mix with greenery, fruit, and pinecones for a Thanksgiving centerpiece that can be put together quickly. Garnish with a few smaller items such as nuts, acorns, or kumquats.

Elevated Mixed Fruit Centerpiece

Edible fruit centerpieces are great for color and can be used after the Thanksgiving table is cleared. Fresh produce -- grapes, pears, apples, and kumquats -- circle around a center pineapple placed on a footed cake stand. Notice the colors stay within an autumnal range of reds and golds. Tiny berry sprigs add a different texture.

Bowl with Pears, Leaves, and Berries

Fill a low platter or bowl with a pile of autumn fruit for a quick and simple centerpiece. Here, a bed of nuts keeps the fruit from rolling around. A few fall leaves (real or artificial) and pretty berries give the centerpiece a casual air.

Centerpiece with Mixed Fruit and Leaves

Pops of rich reds and hints of dark green make a fall palette even more vibrant in this edible centerpiece idea. Arrange pears and apples in a footed bowl and add bunches of red grapes and large green leaves.

Centerpiece with Apples and Roses

Celebrate the season by adding an elegant touch to your table. Green apples mix with gorgeous roses in this fruit centerpiece. Sturdy wooden picks hold the apples in place in the florist's foam along with the flowers.

Editor's Tip: Insert flowers at the last minute since ripening fruit speeds flower maturity.

Pinecone and Pumpkin Bowl

Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas don't need to be complex. Three white miniature pumpkins, slender pinecones, nuts, and white berry sprigs create this simple yet stunning display. Try this display in a clear vessel for Thanksgiving table decor with a modern twist. 

Flower and Fruit Urn

Grab a pretty urn filled with moist oasis and you can create any number of gorgeous floral centerpieces. Here we've combined kumquat clippings around the rim with several large red mums in the center. Make certain to insert the fruit stems firmly into the florist's foam, since the weight of the fruit might otherwise dislodge it from the arrangement.

Rye and Pear Centerpiece

Fresh fruit is not required for all Thanksgiving fruit centerpiece ideas. This simple centerpiece starts with artificial pears and is finished with sprays of rye. With its low profile, Thanksgiving dinner guests won't have to dodge a lofty centerpiece to talk across the table.

Seasonal Bowls on Display

Clear compotes make great bases for fall arrangements. We filled ours with mini pumpkins, red apples, glistening cranberries, and one large spider mum. Nestle seasonal items, such as leaves and gourds, around the dishes for bountiful Thanksgiving table decor.

Topiary with Roses and Kumquats

Make a statement with this DIY fruit centerpiece. We used damp cone-shape florist's foam and filled it with tiny orange kumquats and roses. Lady apples and mums also would work for this project. Variations in stands and vessels for the centerpiece will give a more customized look.

Natural Centerpiece with Fruit and Moss

Go natural with this basket of moss, greenery, and a selection of beige and tan gourds. For a more formal look, dress it up by spray-painting the gourds silver or gold and placing them in a crystal bowl.

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