15 Simple Thanksgiving Table Ideas for Centerpieces With Candles


Light up your Thanksgiving table with these bright ideas for quick and easy holiday candle displays. For safety, never leave a burning candle unattended. Many of our candle displays should only be lit for a short time; do not let the flame come close to flammable design elements.

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Adaptable Design

thanksgiving table with candles
Marty Baldwin

With so much food on the table, it can be hard to find room for a Thanksgiving centerpiece. If a crowded table is part of your holiday traditions, consider this Thanksgiving candle centerpiece. Three pillar candles stand tall in a row in the middle of the table, but they can be moved to accommodate more space for the mashed potatoes. To make this Thanksgiving candle centerpiece, wrap and hot glue a piece of burlap ribbon to the base of a clear hurricane vase. Slide faux sage leaves and maple leaves in fall colors into the burlap.

Editor's Tip: Crowded tables are prone to spills and accidents. LED candles can bring an extra measure of safety to your table.

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All Aligned

thanksgiving cranberry and pinecone centerpiece

Pinecones, berries, and candles, oh my! These are the three things you need to create a Thanksgiving candle centerpiece that will wow your guests. To recreate this stunning look, find a long oval serving plate. It's best to get one with a flat bottom so the candles stay standing. Place four votive candles in a line on the plate and fill in the rest of the space with pinecones and dried berries. The result is a festive centerpiece fit for any style.

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Gather 'Round

thanksgiving table wooden wreath

For a centerpiece as elegant as your finest dishware, look to plain white pillar candles. This timeless look builds up, not out, to leave more room on the table for food. To make this Thanksgiving candle centerpiece, glue geometric wood beads onto a foam wreath. From there, simply fill with candles and greenery. This easy project can be used again during Christmas as a fireplace decoration or a coffee table topper.

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Rustic Wood Candleholders


Break out the power tools for this DIY fall candle centerpiece. These rustic candle display stands are a bold but gorgeous statement to have in your home. We love the way the wax looks as it drips onto the log base.

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Candle Garland


Create a stunning display of fall colors with white pillar candles and bright fruit. Add candles, greenery, and an assortment of fruit to a long mirrored table runner to create a pretty fall candle display.

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Wicker Wonderland

wicker candleholders and pumpkin decor

Create an easy but elegant Thanksgiving candle centerpiece with rattan votives. Simply spread a few out along the center of the table and place pumpkins and gourds on the table space in between. To continue a natural look, use a tan table runner as a base for the centerpiece.

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Greenery Display

Candleholders with greenery centerpiece

These adorable candle display stands are so easy to make. Use adhesive to attach greenery or bright fall leaves to create a custom table display that matches your existing Thanksgiving decor.

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Lantern Display


Get inspired by decades past and decorate your home using a beautiful lantern fall candle display. Tall white pillar candles are gorgeous in all-glass lanterns with dark metal frames. Aim for multiple lanterns for a cohesive Thanksgiving candle centerpiece your dinner guests will love.

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Votive Mason Jar Centerpiece


Give your plain votives and Mason jars an upgrade with this creative autumn candle centerpiece idea from Addicted 2 DIY. These 3-inch pillar candles sit inside quart-size Mason Jars for a farmhouse-style look. Because leaves from your backyard brown quickly, try sprucing up your space with some leaves from a crafts store.

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Bountiful Candles With Vegetables

Hydrangea centerpiece

What better way to celebrate the fall harvest than by creating Thanksgiving candle centerpieces using a feast of gorgeous green vegetables? To make: Stretch two sturdy rubber bands around a white pillar candle, then tuck green beans or asparagus stalks under the bands. Cover the rubber bands with satin ribbon. To make the artichoke candleholder, cut the top off and hollow out a bit of the center. Set a candle in the hole. Decorate the platter with a few white mums and hypericum berry sprigs.

Editor's Tip: For safety reasons, do not let candles burn unattended. Only let candles burn for an hour or two at a time, and do not burn them down to the rubber band.

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DIY Display

candle crafts

Create a fall candle display with a rustic appearance with this pretty DIY project. Glue pistachio shells in a floral pattern around small votive candles to create an adorable display. Group the candles together for a candle centerpiece or scatter them throughout your home for individual displays.

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Natural Floating Candle


Fill your home with these gorgeous Mason jar floating holiday candles decorated with submerged greenery and bright floating cranberries. Such an easy way to make a romantic lasting impression!

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Natural Elements

hurricane vases

Gather natural fall elements from your backyard to create a gorgeous candle centerpiece for the Thanksgiving table. Add pinecones and berries to tall hurricane vases and surround the arrangement with fresh greenery for a stunning display.

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Wine Cork Display

Corks and Candles Centerpiece

Create a wine-lover's centerpiece by adding used wine corks to a large hurricane vase, and adding a single candle in the center. Use a colorful candle to tie in the natural display with your existing Thanksgiving decor.

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Veggie Votives


For a fall candle display that lasts through Thanksgiving, group small vegetables such as squash, miniature pumpkins, artichokes, tomatillos, small red cabbages, and Brussels sprouts onto a fall platter. Carve holes into varied veggies to serve as candleholders and vases.

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