How to Use Vegetables as Cheap Party Decor

Perfect for the biggest food holiday of the year, these Thanksgiving centerpieces are entirely edible! Use up leftover produce or buy extra when shopping to create these easy centerpiece ideas that can be used year-round by simply swapping in-season produce.

More Centerpiece Ideas for Foodies

Three Centerpieces From Fresh Vegetables

Don't let kale, herbs, tomatoes, and beans limit your creativity. Check out these other easy centerpieces using edible supplies.

Fruit and Nut Basket

One Step Ahead

For this easy centerpiece, arrange pears, nuts, fresh or faux leaves, and a few shocks of wheat in a tightly woven wire bowl or other dish around your house for an update on the classic cornucopia.

Autumn Branches with Citrus

acorn branch in container with oranges

Head outside to harvest branches for an autumnal centerpiece. Look for both curved and straight branches with acorns, leaves, or berries attached. Arrange branches in a glass vase partially filled with water. Float small citrus fruits such as clementines, lemons, or kumquats in the vase for a pop of color.

Jeweled Fall Fruits

Pear Centerpiece

Add a bit of sparkle to seasonal fruits with this simple idea for fall centerpieces. Choose a few complementary pears or apples, and decorate in a variety of patterns with adhesive decals in silver, bronze, and gold tones. Group them together in a bowl or wide vase.


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