19 Centerpiece Ideas for a Farmhouse Thanksgiving Table Setting

gourd flower arrangement
Photo: David A. Land

It's easier than you think to create a one-of-a-kind Thanksgiving centerpiece. Using fall favorites, such as pumpkins, flowers, and elements from the back yard, you can quickly put together a beautiful arrangement.

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Farmhouse Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Tin centerpiece with flowers, oranges, and apples
Marty Baldwin

Give galvanized cake stands ($41, Walmart) new life when you stack them and dress them in florals. We used fresh pears, apples, and clementines as the base of this Thanksgiving centerpiece, then tucked in cuts of seeded eucalyptus and fresh flowers for a finishing touch.

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Thanksgiving Gourd Centerpiece

Multiple pumpkins on table
Blaine Moats

Use a neutral runner as the foundation for this natural centerpiece for your farmhouse Thanksgiving table setting. Place a variety of gourds from the garden or local garden center along the table runner. Dress them up with votive candles and tea lights ($7, Target).

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Natural Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Rose Candleholders Fall Centerpiece
Blaine Moats

Let the beauty of nature set the tone for a simple, yet sophisticated Thanksgiving table. Layer a large wooden cutting board ($31, Wayfair) with a folded tablecloth and a plate of gourds. Place tall pillar candles and tapers in the center. Finish the look with a cut of decorative grasses.

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Thanksgiving Harvest Centerpiece

fall floral pumpkin table arrangement
Greg Scheidemann

Enjoy a bounty of fall vegetables dressed up to play the part of the centerpiece for your farmhouse Thanksgiving table setting. This look starts with a rustic burlap table runner. Use a wide serving tray and fill it with a few heirloom pumpkins, then tuck in artichokes and colorful cabbage. Finish the farmhouse Thanksgiving centerpiece with beets, pears, small gourds, and a couple of white spider mums.

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Festive Thanksgiving Centerpiece

pumpkins and fallen twigs in wire basket on table
Reed Davis

Stroll through your yard and snip a few branches with colorful leaves or berries. Pick a few dried flowers and set your collection in an oversized basket, paired with a variety of pumpkins. Fill a large wooden bowl with apples to complete this festive fall look.

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Fresh Thanksgiving Centerpiece

diy fall rustic table gold silverware greenery
Adam Albright

Make your own centerpiece with fresh-cut greenery. We used eucalyptus, plumosus, pittosporum, and salal to make small bunches wrapped with floral wire. We grouped the clusters along the table to create the look of a leafy runner. Tuck in white votive candles ($8, Walmart) for an elegant Thanksgiving table.

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Artichoke Thanksgiving Centerpiece

autumn bouquet with artichoke and magnolia leaves
Carson Downing

Skip the flowers and arrange your own Thanksgiving harvest centerpiece. Start with a white vessel and add magnolia stems, then use florist wire to attach a small artichoke or two. Fill in with Craspedia billy ball flowers, small white flowers, and clementines.

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Magnolia Thanksgiving Centerpiece

thanksgiving table setting with gold utensils and greenery centerpiece
Marty Baldwin

Everyone will rave about this DIY tabletop garland. Use magnolia foliage, seeded eucalyptus, leucadendron, hypericum, and Craspedia billy ball flowers to make small bunches secured with florist wire. Set out a few clusters and add layers until you achieve the look you want, securing each layer with florist wire. Tuck in cinnamon sticks ($4, Target) and clementines to finish the look.

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Garden Party Thanksgiving Centerpiece

overhead view of rustic table setting with rhubarb centerpieces
Con Poulos

Bring the garden's beauty to the table with tall glass vessels filled with leafy greens or root vegetables. Set bottles of wine between the greenery for a splash of color so guests can easily refill their glasses during dinner. Pair the natural centerpiece with your farmhouse Thanksgiving table setting, including a flour sack table runner and bright, cut flowers on the table.

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Easy Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Table setting with white pumpkins
Kritsada Panichgul

Wrap white pumpkins in faux bittersweet vines and secure with hot glue ($5, Walmart). Opt for artificial pumpkins if you'd like to reuse this simple centerpiece. Set the decorated pumpkins on an autumnal table runner.

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Golden Garland Thanksgiving Centerpiece

fall table setting with pumpkins and earthy garland
Kritsada Panichgul

Make a chunky tabletop garland with found objects, such as milkweed, lotus, and locust seed pods, and wooden beads and grapevine balls from any crafts store. Spray paint some of the items gold and leave others natural. String them together and set them on the table. Place small white pumpkins on a cake stand to add height to the centerpiece. Paint the pumpkin stems gold to connect them to the garland, then fill in with golden votive candle holders.

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Fall Colors Thanksgiving Centerpiece

porch dining table with fall flowers
Werner Straube

Dress up your classic farmhouse Thanksgiving table settings with a cutting from a colorful maple tree. Pair it with pumpkins for a simple look that's warm and welcoming.

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Sweet, Simple Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Pumpkins and flowers on white plate
Kritsada Panichgul

For a simple yet sophisticated Thanksgiving centerpiece display, set small white pumpkins on a platter. Add a faux bittersweet vine and a few cuts of fresh florals. For a more glamorous look, paint the stems of the pumpkins gold with metallic paint.

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Floral Thanksgiving Centerpiece

gourd flower arrangement
David A. Land

Fill a vintage vessel with bronze football mums and faux bittersweet vines for a stunning autumnal centerpiece. Place the bouquet on a wooden serving tray ($17, Walmart) and pair it with a pumpkin and a candle for a charming Thanksgiving centerpiece combination.

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Country Garden Thanksgiving Centerpiece

fall floral squash arrangements
Kritsada Panichgul

Carve gourds to hold fresh flowers for an all-natural farmhouse Thanksgiving centerpiece. Use a variety of squash and pumpkins to get different heights and colors. Set the garden bouquets on a galvanized cake stand ($41, Wayfair) for a country-style Thanksgiving display.

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Pumpkin Thanksgiving Centerpiece

fall floral arrangement inside pumpkin
Kritsada Panichgul

Use a short and wide heirloom pumpkin as the vessel for your Thanksgiving centerpiece. Carve the opening and clean out the pumpkin. Then add floral foam to hold stems in place. Compose the bouquet with fresh flowers and greenery. Consider adding garden greens to give this farmhouse Thanksgiving bouquet a harvest feel.

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Modern Thanksgiving Centerpiece

White flower arrangement in green bottles
Stephen Kent Johnson

Create a sleek look this holiday with an assortment of gourds and glass vases in muted dark colors. If you can't find the colors you want, paint gourds black or gray with glass paint if you can't find the colors you want. Balance the look with white carnations and spider mums.

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Sunflower Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Farmhouse style table with yellow flowers
Edmund Barr

Brighten your table with a ceramic crock overflowing with sunflowers. A woven table runner and sweater-covered pumpkins round out this cozy look.

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Mini-Pumpkin Thanksgiving Centerpiece

farmhouse table
Werner Straube 

Tall glass vessels ($26-$119, Pottery Barn) filled with miniature pumpkins and gourds are an easy and stylish way to decorate for Thanksgiving. Add cuts of colorful maple branches. A natural table runner finishes this easy Thanksgiving centerpiece.

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