Elegant Thanksgiving Table Decorating Ideas

Entertaining guru Jennifer Sbranti shows us how to arrange a gorgeous table this Thanksgiving with a hip palette of warm oranges and rich purples.

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    Perfect Place Setting

    Start with cream-color table linens and add a rich plum-color table runner for a royally inspired Thanksgiving table. Place a white plate over a gold charger for a shimmering yet clean look.

    Tip: Use scrapbooking paper for a chic table runner that won't empty your wallet.

    SOURCE Set of 12 Charger Plates, LNT.com.

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    Gold and Plum

    Create a unique centerpiece with exotic-looking dried flowers, bunches of grapes, and shimmering plum and gold accents.

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    Fantastic Fruit Accent

    Drape bunches of oversize faux grapes over the edge of your centerpiece vases. If the grapes cause the vase to tip over, add rocks or vase filler inside to weigh it down and keep it steady. Embellish your centerpiece vases with bands of ribbon. Try layering patterned ribbon over a wider band of solid ribbon for a contemporary look.

    SOURCES Grape bunches: Michaels. Metallic Orange Square Vase: Flowersandsupplies.com. Patterned ribbon: Americancrafts.com.

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    Gorgeous Gold

    Add fun metallic elements to your table with gold vases and votive holders. If you can't find metallic vases, try wrapping everyday vases in glittery gold gift wrap or scrapbooking paper.

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    Elegant Embellishments

    For a pulled-together look, embellish wine or cocktail glass stems with the same patterned ribbon used in your centerpiece.

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    Band of Ribbon

    For another elegant look, embellish your napkins with ribbon.

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    Dried Flower Arrangement

    Place the same style of dried flowers and faux-grape arrangements throughout your party for coordinating decor.

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