Double-Duty Decorating: Thanksgiving and Christmas

fall wreath
Decorate once to dazzle twice by combining Thanksgiving and Christmas decorating. Assemble one of these five fall displays, and with a few simple switches, you'll have a fresh look for winter.

Serving Up Style

This harvest decoration features a simple wreath placed on a glass cake stand, perfect for fall and winter. Find a clear glass lamp shade and place it facing up in the center of the wreath (on the cake plate) to hold a candle.

Complementary Colors

For fall to Thanksgiving decor, gently tuck dried flowers such as golden yarrow, brown wood roses, burgundy celosia, and grasses into the wreath. Then add a fall colored candle inside the glass shade.

Delicate Reds & Greens

For winter and Christmas decor, remove the fall flowers, leaving the plain wreath intact. Insert small pieces of evergreens, white winterberries, green hops, red pepper berries, and frosted beads. Replace the candle with a red or white one.

Good Enough to Eat

For a holiday centerpiece that lasts through Thanksgiving, group small vegetables such as squash, miniature pumpkins, artichokes, tomatillos, small red cabbages, and Brussels sprouts onto a fall platter. Carve holes into varied veggies to serve as candleholders and vases.

Vegetables Kids Will Love

For a fall-to-winter display, use hollowed out red and green peppers to hold white and red roses. Add in evergreens, carrot tops, and kohlrabi along with festive candles for a stunning decoration for the holidays.

Holiday Harvest

Find a versitile base to hold greens, flowers and plants that you can change out based on the season. Use a pedestal urn in a distressed ivory color as the base of this project, which can be used both outdoors and indoors.

Pumpkins and Pomegranates

For fall and harvest decorations, arrange smaller fruit and veggies with autumn tones into an attractive grouping. This example uses pomegranates, golden beets, pumpkins, gourds, artificial grapes, red onion, apples, and bittersweet.

Ornaments and Evergreens

For winter and Christmas decor, holiday ornaments in sparkly jewel tones replace the veggies and flowers in the same pedestal urn. Use evergreen branches and berries as a foliage base.

Sparkling Urns

Tucking in fragrant evergreens around the ornaments adds a warm touch to this holiday centerpiece. Mixing in holiday flowers among the ornaments gives an extra full look. 

Glowing Fall Centerpieces

This fall candle arrangement is colorful and inexpensive. Simply layer dried corn, burgundy cockscomb celosia, pale-green dried hops, and brown oak leaves inside a wide cylinder vase. Then place a pillar candle in a narrower glass and center it.

Creative Uses for Corn

For this harvest decoration, be sure to change the candle if it burns low to avoid letting the flame get close to the dried leaves and flowers.

Wonderful Winter Decorations

To change your holiday centerpiece into winter colors, simply replace the corn with frosted white luster gems. Swap the fall flowers with imitation red grapes, variegated privet, and white paper roses. Place a red candle and you've recreated your table!

Roses and Berries

Don't forget to change candles once they burn low enough to come close to the dried flowers and leaves. This versatile Thanksgiving and Christmas centerpiece idea can be used year after year.

Neutral Nut Wreath

A nut-covered wreath is appropriate for both fall and winter decorating. Whether it lays on a table or is proped up for a display, surround the wreath with either fall gourds or winter evergreen branches. Tuck in a few ornaments for a Christmas display.

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