Fall Color Combos: Decorate with Cozy Fall Crafts

Painted Gourds Set of 3
Get inspired for your autumn decorating with our festive fall color combinations. Each seasonal color combo comes with a fun do-it-yourself project -- including wall art, wreaths, and accent pillows -- perfect for prepping your home for the fall season.

Pair Fall and Spring Hues

Deep fall colors look bolder when matched with lighter, spring-inspired tones. Here, fall-color felt leaves pop off pastel papers.

Make the project:
Mount felt leaf shapes (available at crafts stores, or you can stencil your own) in shadow boxes with fun patterned-paper mats. Use decorative stickpins and colorful snips of ribbon to add even more festive flair.

Spice Up Muted Palettes

Bright pops of color, such as the orange and purple used here, turn a muted palette into a color scheme worth noticing. Paired with mint green and deep brown, this color combination easily fits any fall decoration.

Make the project:
Buy several wooden spoons, one for each letter in the message you plan on writing. Paint the ends of each spoon; let dry. Using a letter stencil, lightly blot white paint to make one letter on each spoon; let dry. Cut a piece of cardboard to fit the opening of an empty picture frame (make sure the frame is large enough to fit all spoons with a 1/2-inch border on all sides). Wrap white canvas around front of cardboard; hot-glue on back to secure. Insert in frame; hot-glue spoons to canvas.

Pull Colors from Nature

Mimic the changing autumn leaves with crafts made in rustic reds, browns, and oranges. These warm, welcoming colors add comfort to your fall home.

Make the project:
Wrap white or cream-color yarn around a foam wreath form until foam is completely covered; tuck in ends. Use hot glue to adhere store-bought buttons and flower appliques to embellish. Take a strip of matching fabric and sew into a large loop. Add a button to fabric loop for additional flourish.

Try Monochromatic

Stick to various shades of one hue for an eye-catching conversation starter. Pair with similarly colored objects to drive home your colorful note.

Make the project:
Split 30 wooden clothespins in half; discard metal pieces. Paint clothespins in varying shades of one color family; let dry. Hot-glue a 9-inch round mirror to the center of an 11-1/2-inch circular wooden plaque; let dry. Place a few dots of hot glue on the end of a clothespin, adhere on plaque as close to mirror as possible. Repeat to fill around the mirror, fanning the pins as you go.

Spotlight Bold Colors with Neutral Backgrounds

Bold colors -- like mustard and magenta -- add distinct personality to fall decor. Showcase these unique pops by pairing them with dulled neutrals, like our sage-green and gray pillowcases.

Make the project:
Simple accent pillows get a fall update with hand-stitched felt decals inspired by clip art found online. Print off large autumn-theme silhouettes, such as acorns, birds, or squirrels; cut out and trace onto bold-color felt. Cut out felt shapes and use embroidery thread to attach to pillow fronts. Add extra stitching to define characteristics of your decals, such as a bird's wing or the top of an acorn.

Use Warm Colors

Select colors such as orange, rust, burgundy, or yellow to add cozy warmth to a neutral backdrop. Just a few colorful embellishments can cheer up a simple decoration.

Make the project:
Cut off-white canvas cloth into multiple 3-inch wide long strips. Wrap strips around a lampshade of your choice, overlapping each strip on top of the one before it; hot- glue in place as you go (strips should create vertical lines). Continue until lampshade is completely covered; hot-glue ends on inside of lampshade to secure. Use store-bought embellishments such as flowers, buttons, or ribbon to decorate.

Pair Deep Colors with Light Pastels

A simple mix of deep, bold colors and bright pastels brightens up any gadget or gizmo. A dark purple base sets the stage for the lighter colors to pop.

Make the project:
Cut two pieces of felt -- one 8x10 inches and the other 8x13 inches. Decorate the smaller piece with felt cutouts. Sew a button 2 inches from the top as shown. Sew an elastic loop to the top of the larger piece (this will allow you to close the case.) Lay the smaller piece atop the larger piece; stitch together.

Mix Earth Tones

A combination of earthy greens, yellows, and browns happily speaks to the natural beauty of Autumn.

Make the project:
Wrap foam or wooden balls with leftover scrapbooking supplies, buttons, old tape measures, and ribbon scraps using hot glue or pearl-head pins to adhere. Display these easy-to-make decorative orbs in a pretty bowl or dish. 

Get Inspiration from Your Home

When you want a fall color combination that's sure to fit your home, turn to the colors in your everyday decor. The deep pinks, magentas, and green found in this fall decoration perfectly match its predesigned setting.

Make the project:
Separate natural wheat into three bundles. Using acrylic paint from a local crafts store, splatter-paint each bundle with a different color; let dry. Arrange in a vase to display.

Blend Bold Colors

Far from shying away, bold colors, like mahogany brown, mustard yellow, and blushing pink, bring instant coziness to any area of your home.

Make the project:
Buy several skeins of yarn in complementary colors. Make into yarn pom-poms (see our how-to, below); stick onto pieces of green-covered florist's wire. Arrange in a vase to display.

Start with Complementary Colors

Slightly tweaking complementary color wheel combinations (example: red and green for mint and burgundy) creates a whole new palette. Use earthy neutrals to keep your decor from looking too Christmaslike.

Make the project:
Cut a square of burlap fabric and use a store-bought apple stamp and acrylic paint to stamp four apples on fabric. Paint a square block of wood in a contrasting color; hot-glue burlap to wood. Tie four pieces of twine around fabric borders; hot-glue in place.

Make a Statement with Contrasting Colors

Use a variety of muted colors in one palette for a unique take on fall hues. Deep burgundy and mustard paired with the palest of pink and blue make a noteworthy combination.

Make the project:
Cut several different colors of felt in varying lengths of 1/2-inch strips. Roll each strip, using hot glue to secure. When one strip ends, use a different color felt and continue to roll until each circle reaches approximately 1-1/2-inches in diameter. Make four circles for each coaster. Use hot glue to adhere circles as shown.

Look to Other Seasons

Teal and lavender may sing spring, but throw in some forest green and the mix takes on a fall tone. Silver also adds a festive pop.

Make the project:
Collect acorns from outside your home or purchase from a local crafts store. Remove caps from acorns and spray paint in a variety of colors; let dry. Mix and match caps and acorns (if needed, hot- glue the caps back on).

Showcase Color Choices with Crisp White

Lighten deep, rich purple and vibrant orange with cool white borders to keep colors looking bright and bold.

Make the project:
Freehand sketch your design on purchased cork coasters. Use a paintbrush to fill in each section with acrylic paint; let dry. Lightly go over intersections with a white paint marker. Add as many coats of white paint as needed to completely cover colors.

Combine Metallics

Hunt the spray-paint aisle for metallics that will add a modern finish. The different tones work well together because they share a sheen.

Make the project:
Find several faux gourds at your local crafts store (always group in odd numbers!) and spray with metallic spray paint; let dry.

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