$4 or Less Fall Centerpieces

Creating an inviting fall centerpiece on a budget is easier than you think, especially when you use supplies you already own. These inexpensive centerpiece ideas will add fall beauty to your dining table for $4 or less.

Fall Foliage, Flowers, and Glass Bottles


This dazzling fall centerpiece combines a bottle collection and natural elements. Watch the video above to learn the secret to stabilizing this portable arrangement.

Price: $2 to buy the moss

Pumpkins, Leaves, and Fruits Display

fall centerpieces

Repurpose summery linens, like this aqua blue table runner, in a fall tablescape by combining them with a pumpkin from your porch, leaves from your yard, and apples and pears from your kitchen. Creating a complementary color scheme provides an Instagram-worthy backdrop to your table setting. 

Price: $0

Peaches and Gerbera Daisies Arrangement

fall centerpieces

Take advantage of this centerpiece idea during transitional months like August and September when peaches are still in season. Arrange fruit from your weekly grocery haul in a large bowl and surround the bowl with glass bottles filled with a minimal amount of flowers to design an affordable but expansive setup for a long table.

Price: $3.80 to buy the flowers

Hollowed-Out Gourds with Fall Flowers

In Full Bloom

Steal flowers from your garden or from last fall's stash of silk flowers to re-create this unique centerpiece idea. Hollowed-out gourds in varying shapes and sizes are transformed into unexpected vases for your fall tablescape. Pull out your stash of narrow vases, fill them with water, and slip them inside the gourds to keep the flowers fresh.

Price: $3 to buy the gourds

Stacked Pumpkins with Bittersweet Branches

Mix and Match

Using a cake stand as the base, create this whimsical display by stacking two pumpkins. Complete the look by adding accessible branches from your yard to the arrangement and a mini pumpkin to rest next to the display.

Price: $3.25 to buy the pumpkins

Flowers in Pepper Vases

peppers stuffed with flowers

Grab a few peppers from the fridge and plates from the cabinet for this super simple tabletop decoration. Starting an inch from the top of each pepper, cut an opening for the flowers but leave the top of each pepper attached to the base of the pepper. Hollow out the peppers and fill them with an array of flowers.

Price: $3.95 to buy the flowers

Leafy Branches Display

Vase of Fall Leaves

Making this fiery red and orange centerpiece is as easy as gathering branches with colorful leaves from your yard and arranging them in a glass vase of water. We love that this eye-catching idea won't cost you a penny if you use a vase you already own.

Price: $0

Hollow Apple Gourd with Kale

fall centerpiece

Use leafy vegetables from your garden to decorate your home for fall by sticking them in a hollowed-out apple gourd. Tip: Place a plastic cup of water in the gourd to keep the vegetables fresh. Pair this DIY vase with other glass vases filled with fall flowers and foliage.

Price: $3.95 to buy the apple gourd

Cheap Fall Craft Idea: How to Make Leaf Lanterns with Waxed Paper

This glowing centerpiece idea can be made entirely from materials you already own. Check out the video above for a step-by-step guide to creating showstopping lanterns from leaves and waxed paper.

Price: $0

Pumpkins Wrapped in Bittersweet Vines

Fall Table Setting

Re-create this festive tabletop display by wrapping white pumpkins -- painting the pumpkins white might be less expensive than buying white pumpkins -- in vibrant bittersweet vines you have on hand. Pull out a table runner in a fall hue to add more vibrancy to this arrangement.

Price: $4 to buy the pumpkins


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