Add this adorable acorn banner to your fall decor must-have list. A gorgeous combination of neutral and metallic faux leathers makes this Thanksgiving decoration one you'll want to leave up all year!

fall mantel decorations pumpkin acorn garland wreath

An adorable acorn garland is the perfect addition to any Thanksgiving decor. We made ours in neutral tones for a rustic fall look, but you could sub in any color of faux leather (or patterned paper) for a custom look that perfectly matches your fall decorating style.

What You'll Need

  • Faux leather sheets, various colors
  • Cricut and Cricut acorn template or acorn stencil and scissors
  • Hole punch 
  • Crafts glue 
  • Twine 

Step 1: Cut Acorn Tops

Paper cutter

Choose six colors of faux leather to mix and match for the banner. We went with a combination of matte neutrals and metallic leather prints for a pretty fall palette; choose three for the acorn tops and three for the bottoms. Use Cricut's design software to cut three or four whole acorn shapes out of each of the top colors. If you don't have a cricut, you can easily create your own stencil by cutting out a generic acorn shape. Then simply trace and cut! Once you have the desired number of acorns, hole punch two holes about 3 inches apart, just under the stem.

Step 2: Cut Acorn Bottoms

Applying glue

If you're using a Cricut, use the design software to cut an equal number of acorn bottoms from the three sheets you've set aside; make sure the sizing will fit your tops. If you used a paper template for the previous step, simply draw a curved line to separate the top and bottom of the acorn, and cut along the line to create a new template. Lay out all of the acorn bottoms, matching them with color-coordinating tops; use crafts glue or fabric glue to secure.

Tip:  A liquid glue works best for this project. Hot glue may melt the material or show through the layers when using a thin faux leather material.

Step 3: String Banner

Threading thin rope through holes

When the acorns have completely dried, lay them out in alternating color order. Use brown twine or colored string to form the acorns into a banner. Leave extra twine on each end for easy hanging on a mantel or staircase railing. 

Comments (1)

October 2, 2018
where can i purchase an acorn stencil that size? I don't have a cricut any longer.