Thanksgiving Turkey Crafts

Turkeys take center stage in a handful of adorable Thanksgiving turkey crafts that celebrate the holiday's leading man. Construction paper, napkins, and other cheap supplies make these crafts something to be thankful for. Bonus: We've included a turkey-theme cupcake for Turkey Day's craftiest bakers.

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    Kids' Table Turkey

    This gobbler is sure to make kids giggle. Create a paper turkey for each young Thanksgiving guest by cutting two circles from construction paper for the body and head. Paper scraps provide a beak, eye, and feet. For the feathers, set out crafting supplies and precut papers, letting Turkey Day imaginations run wild.

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    Turkey Crayon Holder

    Gather a group of crayons in the Thanksgiving spirit. A turkey paper piecing (free pattern below), fronts the design. To attach the crayons, punch two holes in the feather pieces and run a string through them before adhering them to the turkey's body. Tie a rubber band to the string and wind the rubber band around a small stack of crayons. The crayon bundle will support your adorable Thanksgiving turkey craft.

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    Turkey with Thankful Feathers

    This turkey goes interactive with tail feathers that share guests' gratitude. To make the turkey, cut out the patterns (available below) from decorative paper. Crease the feathers in half lengthwise and snip the edges to fringe them. Glue the face, neck, beak, and wattle to a pinecone, adding googly eyes to finish. Each guest gets a feather to write their thanks on; gather the results in this turkey-theme centerpiece.

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    Fold a Turkey Napkin

    Set the table with a feathered friend who gets his wing span from some creative napkin folds.

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    Turkey Glove Craft

    Talk turkey with a puppet designed from white work gloves. Fabric pens provide some color, and felt cutouts and a googly eye make this turkey stand out from the flock.

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    Turkey Place Card

    Cardstock, a brad, and adhesive foam are all you need for this cheap turkey craft that serves as a Thanksgiving dinner place card. Download our free pattern, below, and cut out from cardstock. We used decorative-edge scissors to get the zigzag tail feathers, but gently tearing the paper or cutting waves would be a great effect, too. Poke a brad through the red face piece to create the eye. To get your place card to stand, apply adhesive foam between the layers.

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    Dried Gourd Turkey

    This turkey doesn't shy away from some Thanksgiving attention. Perch a dried gourd atop a flat surface to make his body; hot-glue felt and paper pieces for his facial features. At his back, secure an accordion-folded napkin with a wooden clip as feathers.

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    Bonus: Turkey Cupcake

    This is a craft you'll literally gobble up. Frosting, candies, and, the real star, rolled wafers, turn a basic cupcake into a sweet-treat turkey dessert.

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