19 Easy Thanksgiving Table Decorations That Will Take Center Stage

thanksgiving table with fall centerpiece

Our Thanksgiving table crafts will set the decor for any occasion. Whether it's a feast for the whole family or a simple Thanksgiving lunch for a few, easy embellishments can turn any meal into a festive holiday affair.

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Wine Cork Place Card

DIY Thanksgiving Table

Create a rustic Thanksgiving tablescape with this Thanksgiving craft for adults. To make these adorable wine cork place cards, cut a horizontal slit across the top of the wine cork and slide in a place card. To make the place card stand on its own, cut a thin slice from the bottom of the cork so it sits flat on the tabletop. Finish your Thanksgiving place setting with printable cards designed by artist Esther Clark.

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Mini Pumpkin Place Setting

thanksgiving pumpkin placeholder

A mini pumpkin makes big impact when filled with fresh seasonal flowers. To create your own pumpkin place setting, slice off the pumpkin's top, scoop out the seeds, and fill with soaked floral foam. Insert cut flowers like roses, mums, and decorative berries so they fall loosely over the top of the pumpkin. Finish with a small chalkboard sign.

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Tassel Napkin Rings

fall crafts

Match each place setting to your existing decor with this easy Thanksgiving craft. Buy yarn or string in a color that matches or compliments the rest of your tablescape. To make the tassel, cut several long pieces (make sure they're all the same length) and fold so all of the ends face downward. Tie the top loop off with an additional piece of string, and attach to a small braid for a pretty napkin ring.

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Magnolia Table Garland

thanksgiving table with fall centerpiece

This DIY magnolia garland takes the place of a traditional table runner. Craft your own using seasonal greenery and decorative accents like fresh clementines. This centerpiece works best as a day-of project but can be stored in the refrigerator over night.

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Succulent Napkin Ring

Succulent Napkin Ring

If you're going for a less traditional look this Thanksgiving, consider succulents! Real or faux, these pretty plants bring a pop of greenery with a modern spin to Thanksgiving table decor. To make succulent napkin rings, simply cut a wine cork in half and attach a few faux succulents with hot glue.

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Floral Napkin Ring

thanksgiving floral napkin ring

A quick trip to the crafts store is all it takes to put together these faux floral napkin rings. Style your finished place settings with neutral plates, napkins, and dishware so the flowers are the star of the show.

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Magnolia Leaf Place Card

Natural Beauty leaf name rag
Carson Downing

Practice those DIY calligraphy skills and put them to good use with this simple place setting. On the underside of a magnolia leaf, use a metallic paint pen to write the name. Display the leaf on a simple folded white linen napkin.

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Clementine Place Card Holder

DIY Thanksgiving Table

Add a pop of traditional fall color to your fall table decorations with this adorable clementine place card holder. Cut a slit in the top of a clementine and add the place card. To prevent the card from becoming soggy, fold a piece of clear tape across the bottom of the card before inserting into the fruit. Tie the look together by adding orange slices to your favorite holiday sangria recipe.

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Succulent Pumpkin Centerpiece

white pumpkin filled with succulent plants

A gorgeous succulent centerpiece will be the star of the show this Thanksgiving. Plus, this pumpkin centerpiece craft is easier to create than you might think! Since succulents can last for years if well taken care of, make this ahead of time to enjoy all season long.

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Rosemary Napkin Ring

napkin with pine needle ring

Pull inspiration from natural elements and make rustic Thanksgiving table crafts this year. A full wreath of rosemary around crisp napkins will add a pop of nature to your tablescape this year. Plus, it smells amazing!

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Tabletop Greenery Garland

DIY Thanksgiving Table

Wow your guests with this stunning DIY greenery garland. It's an easy Thanksgiving table decoration that adds a pop of freshness. Create bundles of eucalyptus and other greens, and attach the bundles to each other with floral wire to create a long garland. You won't believe how quick and easy it is to create this beautiful Thanksgiving centerpiece.

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Acorn Napkin Ring

thanksgiving acorn napkin
Marty Baldwin

Add some fun to Thanksgiving dinner this year with a set of felt acorn napkin rings. This easy Thanksgiving table decoration is the perfect way to incorporate a little color while still keeping the decor seasonal. To make the acorns, brush glue onto the tops and attach a pom-pom, then attach to a wood napkin ring.

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Paper Napkin Ring

thanksgiving place setting with napkin wrap

Simple paper napkin rings get a Thanksgiving-ready upgrade with our free design. Print it on brown kraft paper and use it to wrap your napkins and utensils. That's it!

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Cupcake-Liner Turkeys

Turkey turkey place cards craft

How about an easy Thanksgiving craft that doubles as a fun place card? Attach small white cupcake liners to larger pattern liners to create a fun paper turkey. Glue to brown paper place cards and use markers to add the turkey's feet and your guests' names.

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DIY Copper Napkin Rings

napkin rings

Give your Thanksgiving table decor a polished style with napkin rings made from copper tape. These luxe napkin rings are one of our favorite Thanksgiving crafts for adults! Use our free pattern and instructions to make your own in minutes!

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Acorn Pom-Poms

Thanksgiving table place setting

Have fun with your Thanksgiving table decor. Create a festive fall napkin ring by hot-gluing pom-poms and ribbon to the top of an acorn. Tie the ribbon around cloth napkins for a quick and easy place setting.

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Paper Name Tag

overhead blue and rose party place setting with nametag
Jason Donnelly

This simple place card lets a bold napkin pop. To create, write a name on a plain paper gift tag. Use twine or string to tie it around a printed cloth napkin.

Editor's Tip: Try making your own hand-dyed napkins—it's a great way to dress up white cotton or linen.

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White Pumpkin Centerpiece

Table setting with white pumpkins
Kritsada Panichgul

This easy pumpkin centerpiece echos the classic colors of fall. Wrap white pumpkins with real or faux bittersweet better vines and secure with hot glue. Display the decorated pumpkins on a bold plaid table runner.

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DIY Planter Box

thanksgiving centerpiece
Filing a container with autumnal accents like gourds, dried leaves, and pinecones is an easy way to dress up your Thanksgiving dinner table.

Style this DIY planter box with your favorite fall flowers, gourds, and pumpkins for a lasting centerpiece idea. For Thanksgiving, we used dried florals, Spanish moss, and assorted gourds and finished the display with scattered leaves.

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