Easy Fall Crafts

New season, new look. From DIY outdoor fall decor such as fall wreaths and fall tree crafts to fall DIYs for your room, we've got simple autumn crafts to make your abode autumn-ready!

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    Acorn Treats

    Go nuts! Make adorable acorn treat holders this fall. Not only are they great for sending in school lunches, but the easy fall craft is a thoughtful party favor or decoration, too. To make, simply hot-glue twine around the wide end of a plastic Easter egg, then fill with snacks, candy, or other fun treats.

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    Wax Paper Lanterns

    Bust out the wax paper hiding in your pantry and turn it into adorable lanterns made for autumn. Using ironing cloths and a few leaves leftover from your rake sesh, iron the leaves onto 8x8 squares of wax paper. Use washi tape to adhere each square together.

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    Copper Tree-tment

    It's no secret copper is having a moment. Turn the metallic trend into a gorgeous fall craft using copper sheets, a thick tree slice, and some gilding adhesive. Display it as a base for fall vases and centerpieces, or as a backdrop to a mantle display.

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    Give Thanks Corkboard

    Get ready to celebrate fall with an acorn-shape corkboard that inspires you to give thanks. Simply cut an acorn shape from purchased corkboard and use punched cardstock cirlcles to create the cap. Hang it in your kitchen, at a party, or save it for Thanksgiving. Bonus: Kids will love helping fill the board with their favorite things.

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    Shimmer Votives

    Let your lighting set the mood for any fall get-together with this easy craft idea. Start by spraying a light mist of water into a glass holder. Working inside the glass only, spray a light layer of metallic gold paint over the water beads, leaving the glass slightly translucent. Let dry, then add a layer of gold glitter spray to finish.

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    Fall Garden Banner

    This is one of our favorite DIY fall crafts. Create an all-natural look with our easy fall garland -- it's decorated with treasures from your outdoor autumn garden. Silvery twine loops form a scalloped garland. Chinese lanterns, fall leaves, nigella pods, and gingko leaves make special additions; attach using fine wire.

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    Burlap Wreath

    Brilliant burlap is inexpensive, versatile, and just screams fall. Use it in this cozy fall craft for a gorgeous wreath you'll love adding to your home decor. Wrap a basic foam wreath with a burlap garland, attaching with straight pins as you go. Hot-glue store-bought burlap flowers to the wreath to finish the fall wreath design.

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    Leafy Vases

    Fall vases don't get much cuter than this. Duplicate these DIY fall crafts in a snap using leaf-printed decal paper, a bowl of cold water, and plain or colored vases.

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    Painted Wine Glasses

    Add simple fall romance to party stemware using pearl and glitter glass paints. Coat the underside of the glass base with the pearl paint, swirling a pattern out from the center; let dry. Or add a coat of glitter glass paint on top of the base and up the stem.

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    20 Minute Fall Wreath

    All it takes is a few minutes of your time, some natural fall embellishments, and a store-bought twig wreath to make this easy fall craft. Watch to learn our secret to making it all fit together.

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    Temporary Tattoo Pumpkin

    The new trend in pumpkin decorating? Tattoos! This fall Halloween craft idea comes together in a jiffy thanks to a few of your favorite designs and a little bit of water. Opt for faux pumpkins instead of real for a darling decoration you'll use year after year. 

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    Marker-Magic Vase

    The vibrant blooms of fall deserve a striking display. Decorate your room with this easy technique, a plain vase gains autumn style with a few strokes of a pen. Plan a design to coordinate with the flowers, and use a white oil-base marker to draw the design on a plain ceramic vase.

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    Accented Notebooks

    Keep one for yourself; give one as a gift. Gratitude journals are perfect as fall gifts or just to record your own favorite fall moments. Download the illustrated cards and attach to the fronts of blank journals with photo corners.

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    Painted Vases

    Painted vases are all the rage, and its easy to add metallic accents to a variety of containers. Pour a small amount of metallic crafts paint inside a vase; tip and twirl the vase to cover as much of the interior as desired. We love gold for fall, but you can pick the paint that matches your home decor.

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    Sparkling Wheat Wreath

    Simple upgrades can transform even the most ordinary fall crafts into something extraordinary. Start with a purchased wheat wreath. Purchase a separate bunch of dried wheat and divide into three groups. Paint each group a different metallic color -- gold, copper, brass -- and tuck into the purchased wreath. Hang a sweet message off-center to finish.

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    Metallic Painted Leaves

    A smattering of leaves can make a pretty centerpiece when grouped together. Or, place one at each place setting for an unusual accent. Here, we sprayed thick mature sycamore leaves with copper paint.

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    Fall-Theme Sandbag Bookend

    Liven up a bookshelf for fall with a seasonal-color bookend. To make, cut two 8x10-inch pieces of fun, colorful fabric and place right sides together. Sew three sides using 1/2-inch seam allowances; turn right side out. Insert a resealable plastic bag filled with sand, and topstitch all around to finish. Use the bookend to corral your books, files, and folders with fall flair.

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    Storage Board

    What home doesn't need an organization boost? This fabric-covered board is perfect for magazines and paperwork. Cover a piece of plywood with strips of upholstery-weight linen fabric. Use a staple gun to fold and secure the fabric to create pockets. Finish by framing the piece with wood trim adhered using wood glue and pin nails.

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    Wooden Trivets

    Organic in style and easy to design, these stylish natural coasters provide a practical boost to your side tables. Start with a 4x4-inch wood block; make straight cuts of varying widths. Sand the edges and corners, and apply a coat of natural wood stain and sealer; let dry. Apply cabinet bumpers on the four corners of each of the bases to keep surfaces scratch free.

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    Thankful Tree

    Fall is a natural season to step back and reflect on what you and your family and friends are thankful for. Use this easy autumn craft as a visual reminder. Start by finding an interesting branch; tape off the base and spray-paint the top white. Fill a vase with nuts or rocks and insert the branch. Cut out leaves from construction paper (search online for leaf shapes), punch a hole at the top of each, write a thankful message, and hang with ribbon or twine.

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    Pressed Fall Leaf Artwork

    Artfully display fall specimens on microscope-slide-inspired frames to brighten a shelf for fall. Place a pressed leaf between two pieces of glass. Secure the pieces of glass together by wrapping colored linen book-cloth tape around all four sides.

    Editor's Tip: To create pressed leaves for fall crafts, place leaves between layers of newspapers and press under a stack of books. Let dry for a couple of days, then iron each leaf between two pieces of waxed paper to enhance the color of the leaf, using a pressing cloth to keep wax off the iron.

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    No-Sew Burlap Blooms Pillow

    Dress a pillow in cozy fall textures without sewing a stitch in this fun fall crafts project. Layer and secure purchased burlap-and-canvas flowers of different sizes using fabric adhesive. Top each flower center with a button, and adhere the flowers to the pillow, arranging as desired.

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    Fall Leaf Garland

    Keep your fall decorations natural and simple with this fun crafts project. Gather fresh fallen leaves from the backyard and use a needle to thread them onto a string, securing the ends with knots. Tack the garland onto the edge of a table, along a banister, or across a door frame to add instant fall color.

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    Sweater-Wrapped Vase

    Felting is easier than it looks and is a lovely way to add texture and color to ordinary home accents. Here, an old felted sweater upgrades a vase. To make, stretch a piece of felted sweater around the vessel, right side in. Pin for a snug fit, then remove and sew where pinned. Cut excess, then turn right side out. Embellish as desired -- button plackets, pockets, sleeves, ribbing, scraps of wool sweaters all work great.

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    Chalkboard Platter

    Decorate with this easy fall craft. A splash of chalkboard paint is all it takes to turn a platter into a changeable display space for a menu or welcome message. Use a small brush to apply chalkboard paint inside the edges of the platter. Roll the center with chalkboard paint using a small smooth-surface foam roller.

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    No-Sew Leaf Table Runner

    Drape this fall table runner on your dining room table. Apply iron-on backing to the back of pretty fall-color linen. Trace garden leaves and hand-draw stem shapes onto the iron-on-backing side of the linen. Cut out the shapes, arrange them on the linen, and press them in place or secure them using tacky glue.

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    Disco Pumpkin

    Dressing up the front door? Let guests know where the party's at with a lineup of disco pumpkins made with painters tape and the flashiest silver paint you can find. 

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    Pumpkin Basket

    No need to be a basket case -- decorate with ease, thanks to this easy-as-it-looks fall craft. A color bomb of fall hues, there's no way we're putting this baby in the corner. 

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