Pretty Harvest Place Cards for Thanksgiving

Simple crafting staples (foam balls, ribbon, and cardstock) fashion these elegant place cards for the Thanksgiving table.

What You'll Need

  • Table knife
  • 2-inch plastic-foam balls
  • Marbles or washers (to weigh down the balls)
  • 2-inch-wide plaid ribbon cut in 14-inch strips (2 strips per place card holder)
  • Scissors
  • Wheat
  • Florist's wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Brown raffia
  • Cream-color cardstock
  • Small paper punch
  • Paper leaf embellishments
  • Glue dots

How to Make It

  1. Use a table knife to shave off a small slice from each foam ball so it sits flat and does not roll.
  2. Press a marble or washer into the flat side of each foam ball to provide extra stability for the place-card holders.
  3. Place two lengths of plaid ribbon overlapping in an X on a flat surface. Place the foam ball, flat side down, onto the center of the ribbon X.
  4. Cut a stalk of wheat about 2 inches below the bud. Press the wheat stem into the top center of the foam ball so just the wheat is poking out.
  5. Bring the ends of the plaid ribbon up around the wheat stem, wrapping the entire foam ball in ribbon. Tie the ends together with a short length of florist's wire.
  6. Tie three or four stands of brown raffia around the florist's wire. Trim the tails of the raffia if desired.
  7. Cut the cardstock into small rectangles. Punch a hole in the corner of each cardstock rectangle. Write a guest's name on each card.
  8. Embellish each card with a paper leaf and secure it with glue dots.
  9. Slip each name card onto a single stalk of wheat through the punched hole.


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