1-Hour Fall Crafts

Acorn Treats
Try one of our one-hour fall crafts. With so many holidays around the corner, fall is the perfect time to do some extra decorating. If you're short on time the easy fall crafts will spruce up your home without stealing an entire afternoon.

Felt Leaf Pillow

Transform a plain pillow you already have with this quick DIY project. Collect freshly fallen leaves from your yard and trace their shapes onto different colors of felt. Cut out the felt leaves and use permanent fabric adhesive to attach them to the pillow.

Felt Acorn Wreath

Make pretty DIY acorns with felt, a metal hoop ring, and our easy instructions. Real acorn tops and a rustic twig accent give the wreath a gorgeous natural look that comes together in just minutes. 

Wrapped Candles and Coordinated Match Box

Cover the blah labels of purchased scented candles and matchboxes with stylish metallic papers. Simply trim to size and secure with tape. Add a knotted cord length (we used a square knot) and wrap a matchbox with a phrase to match.

Fall Flower Wreath

One of our favorite easy fall craft ideas? Dressing up a purchased twig wreath. Here we added colorful flowers and berries to create the perfect piece of door decor.

Succulent Pumpkin Centerpiece

Your Thanksgiving table needs this stunning centerpiece. To make this fall craft, simply prep a faux pumpkin and fill with stunning succulents. 

Winter Animal Cake Toppers

This quick fall craft is puts the finishing touch on your holiday dessert. All it takes are a few plastic figurines and some felt. Quick fall crafts don't get easier than this! 

Yarn Ball Pumpkins

Fast fall decor doesn't get, well, faster. Hot-glue a pumpkin stem to the top of a twine ball. That's it. Adorable, huh?

Editor's Tip: If you want to add Halloween flair, spray-paint the pumpkins with glow-in-the-dark paint.

Dried Flower Pumpkin

This dried flower pumpkin will last from early fall through the holiday season. To make, simply glue dried florals onto a faux pumpkin. We added a real dried stem to complete this DIY holiday centerpiece.

Dip-Painted Wineglasses

A toast to the season! Starting with stemless wineglasses, gather white, orange, and black enamel paint (the black is to tint the orange). Pour the white paint and the tinted-with-black orange paint into individual bowls. Dip the glasses first in white, allowing excess paint to drip off; let dry. Dip in the orange paint; let dry. Though these glasses are not dishwasher safe, they are easy to clean with light soap and water.

Toilet Paper Pumpkins

Perhaps the best thing about these adorable pumpkins is you're actually not wasting toilet paper, because you can easily disassemble the pumpkins at the end of the season. Start with one fat quarter, or precut piece of fabric, unfolded with the print facing down. Place a roll of toilet paper in the center of the fabric, then fold the fabric up over the sides of the toilet paper roll, stuffing the fabric into the top of the roll as you go. Once the toilet paper roll is completely covered with fabric, add a leaf and a wine cork to the center of the roll.

Canning Ring Pumpkin

Need a classy addition to a fall tabletop vignette? This simple DIY pumpkin fills the bill beautifully. Just bundle silver and gold canning jar rings into a miniature pumpkin, tying the rings snugly with string. Then snip burlap leaves and tuck them around a cinnamon-stick stem for a pretty, subtly fragrant finish. Buy new canning rings for this project or use old ones from your canning stash -- a little tarnish just adds charm!

Hello, Autumn Fabric Sign

It's a banner season for decorating...we take that literally. Iron-on fusible interfacing to the four edges of a 30x33-inch piece of fabric (on the top and bottom create a rod pocket so you can pass a dowel through the openings). Stitch all edges. Iron-on a phrase in contrasting fabric using more fusible interfacing. Cut dowels to size and push them through the pockets you created. Pass a hanging cord through the top pocket and tie off.

Branches As Candleholders

Got a saw, a drill bit, and access to some thin tree logs? You've got a rustic-look candle display perfect for lighting a fall feast. Use a vise to secure a flat-cut log; mark the center and drill straight down into the log, about 2 inches deep. Any rough edges can be sanded.

Editor's Tip: To turn this autumn craft into a waterproof flower vase, drill hole to fit a thin glass tube and pop inside before adding mums or fall flowers.

Decoupage Flower Pumpkins

This is one of the prettiest no-carve pumpkin decorating ideas, and it's so simple to execute. To get the look, round up white pumpkins and several colorful flower petals from the backyard or a nearby park. Use a paintbrush to apply decoupage to a small area on the pumpkin. Press one petal onto the wet glue. After the glue has dried, paint a thin layer of decoupage over the petal to secure the petal in place. Continue applying petals onto the pumpkin as desired.

Pisatchio Shell-Flower Votive Holders

These are pistachio shells! To make your own flowering set of votive holders, cut a 3-inch circle from a piece of cardboard. Hot-glue pistachio shells around the edge of the cardboard, pointing the shells slightly upward. Hot-glue a second row of shells outside the first, keeping them flat and tucking them between the first row (conceal as much of the cardboard as possible). Hot-glue a third row inside the first row slightly more upright. Finally, hot-glue pistachios to the metal around the candle and place it in the center. We left our pistachios natural, but you could paint or dip in dye if desired.

Texture-Painted Fall Vase

Vases branch out from flat-finish to raised-ridges using some puff paint. It's a cinch: Freehand-doodle wood-grain patterns onto your vase with a bottle of puff paint. Let dry, then go over the design with same-color spray paint.

Faux-Leaf Garland

This fall garland simply could not be easier. Simply hot-glue the leaves to the ribbon, allowing for extra on the ends for hanging. See? Easy.

Melted-Beads Container

Oven-melted beads and an oven-safe bowl (plus some nonstick cooking spray for good measure), combine for a decorative storage spot for favorite baubles. To make, spray your small bowl with cooking spray. Pour one color of meltable pony beads inside and gently push them up the sides. Add a second color of beads around the edges, placing them when needed. Carefully transfer your creation to a 350-degree oven and bake until melted (follow bead directions). A butter knife will help you lift your new bowl away from the kitchen bowl when the project is completely cooled.

Silhouette Art

A quick silhouette design can quickly pop into your fall wall display. Print an animal (or leaf or other) silhouette onto mat paper cut to fit a frame. Cut out with a crafts knife. Lay a piece of patterned paper on the frame, add your cut mat paper, cover with glass, then step back and admire.

Marbleized Pumpkins

Countertop-ready pumpkins match, err, your marble countertop. Spray-paint your faux or real pumpkins white. Water down three shades of gray paint (we used a 1 drop of paint to 3 drops of water ratio). Starting with the lightest shade, dip a feather into the paint and squiggle a line across your gourd. Use a sponge to smear and blot the lines; a spray bottle of water can be handy, too. No perfection needed; these designs should be loose. Follow the lines with the next color of gray and then the darkest shade of gray. When dry, go over your pumpkin with a watered-down coat of white to blur the veins further.

Dyed Fall Pillows

With these pillows, fall in your home can be a bright pop of color. This craft is even easier than you think: Lay pillowcases on a flat work surface covered with a tarp. Use a spray bottle to spray rubbing alcohol until the cases are wet. Swirl alcohol-based inks onto the cases and then spray or drizzle more rubbing alcohol to blend. Allow to dry and then heat-set by running a hot iron over the top (avoiding steam, which would damage the design).

Painted Gourd Vases

Dress up crafts store gourds with a rainbow of milk-paint stripes. On such a small surface, you should be able to add your second coat of paint after about 20 minutes. If you have extra time, add shellac for shine.

Sumac Wreath

Thanks to unforgettable color and cool texture, sumac makes an ideal plant for fall decorating. Bonus: Using one kind of plant will save you precious time. To make the wreath, cut sumac branches, leaving 6-inch stems. Poke the stems into a wire form wreath base, working from left to right. Work all the way around the wreath, securing branches with wire if needed.

Acorn Centerpiece

A multitude of merry acorns is the perfect way to top off your table. Start by gluing a loop of string to each nut. Then add a quick coat of paint and hang them right on the branches to dry.

Stenciled Pumpkins

These simple, elegant pumpkins are extremely easy to make. Tape a stencil on a washed pumpkin, and gently paint the exposed area. Layer the stencil in different colors to get the looks shown here.

Acorn Party Favors

Leftover Easter eggs are just what your fall party needs. Use hot glue to attach twine to the wider end of the egg, and leave a tail for an acorn stem. Fill them with goodies to send your guests off in good spirits.

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