Make a Cozy Felted Owl

Made from wool roving in a variety of colors, these felted owls will cozy up any space.

Materials (for one owl)

  • Wool roving: white, brown, tan, black, and colors of choice for eyes and belly (such as teal, orange, and/or green)
  • Felting needle
  • Jump ring (optional)
  • Brown sewing thread (optional)
  • Black cord (optional)

Editor's Tip: The amount of wool roving you use depends on how big you want your owls to be. For a large owl, make approximately a 5-inch-wide body; for a small owl, make about a 2-inch-wide body. 


  1. Roll a portion of white wool roving tightly to make the basic shape of the body; use a felting needle to poke the roving until it becomes an egg shape.
  2. Pull off a piece of brown wool roving large enough to cover half of the owl's body lengthwise and to cover the top of the head. Place the brown roving on the body; poke the outer edges with a felting needle, then needle-felt the rest to fully adhere it to the body.
  3. Pull off a piece of blue or green roving to make the rings around the eyes; form the roving into two circle shapes and needle-felt to adhere them in place.
  4. Poke a small amount of black roving in the center of each eye ring for a pupil, and needle-felt a small amount of orange roving between the eye rings to make the beak.
  5. Needle-felt tan wool roving to each side of the body to create wings, and attach the ears at the top of the head by needle-felting at the base of two brown wool triangles.
  6. Roll small balls of wool roving in desired colors and needle-felt across the white front to create the dots on the belly.
  7. To hang your owls (optional), stitch a jump ring to the top of the head using bread thread and tie black cord to the jump ring. 


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