An unexpected material lends itself perfectly to this gorgeous holiday craft. We'll show you exactly how to make these lacy leaves and give you our best display ideas.
thanksgiving place setting with stitched-leaf napkin

Who would have thought window screening could make a cute Thanksgiving craft? We love the way this unexpected material looks atop a pretty place setting and a colorful napkin. These gorgeous leaves are easy enough you can make one for every seat at the table! 

What You'll Need:

leaves crafting supplies
  • [button-pdf id="551349" title="Downloadable leaf pattern" /]
  • Window screening (approximately 6 square inches for each leaf you wish to make)
  • Permanent black marker
  • Scissors
  • Gold spray paint
  • Gold or bronze puffy pen 

Step 1: Cut leaves

tracing leaves on material

Use our downloadable pattern to trace and cut a set of perfectly shaped leaves from a panel of window screening. We found that a thicker black marker worked best for tracing (you'll be spraying the leaves later, so don't worry about trace lines showing up). Pay special attention to the stem of the leaf; since the screening isn't a solid material, this part may easily become unattached if cut too thin. Also, keep in mind that cutting the metal screening may dull your scissors, so using older scissors is preferable.

[button-pdf id="551349" title="Download the free leaf pattern." /]

Step 2: Trace veins

applying gold paint to leaf

When all of your leaves are cut out, lay them down on a sheet of newspaper and spray with gold spray paint. When the paint is dry, trace a leafy vein pattern in gold or bronze puffy paint; some of the puffy paint may drop to the bottom of the screen material as it dries, so work atop a sheet of newspaper to avoid staining your work surface. When the leaves are completely dry (we let ours dry for 24 hours), display them as place settings or string them into a creative fall banner. 


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