Fun and Free Printable Thanksgiving Games for Kids

Thanksgiving placemats

Our Thanksgiving games for kids are guaranteed to keep the whole family entertained this holiday season. With our free Thanksgiving word search, crossword, and Thanksgiving puzzles you don't have to pick a favorite.

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Thanksgiving Bingo Game

Thanksgiving Bingo Game

A Thanksgiving game for the entire family! We're playing Turkey Day Bingo with everybody's Thanksgiving faves, from cranberries and corn to football and parades. Don't eat too many of the candy game pieces though, you'll spoil your dinner.

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Gratitude Placemat

thanksgiving grateful project placemat

Thanksgiving is the perfect day to help your little ones practice gratitude, with a little assistance from Piglet. Our free printable also serves as an extra touch of Thanksgiving table decor. It makes a fun Thanksgiving game for adults as well.

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Thanksgiving Table Games

Thanksgiving placemats

These placemat Thanksgiving games for the family have a little something for everyone, from wordsmiths, to colorers, to trivia buffs.

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Thanksgiving Meal Showdown

Thanksgiving Meal Winner

Will the turkey or potatoes come out on top? This bracket pits Thanksgiving favorites against each other to find out which dish is truly a fan favorite. This is a Thanksgiving game for kids and adults—everybody has an opinion.

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Thanksgiving Postcards

DIY Thanksgiving Table Activities Coloring

There is a fun Thanksgiving postcard activity to keep all the little hands busy. Make sure there are enough red, orange, and yellow crayons to go around.

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Thanksgiving Cootie Catcher

Thanksgiving game

Of course Thanksgiving cootie catchers are Thanksgiving games for kids to have fun and interact with one another, but they are also a great way to practice spelling and counting. Win-win!

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Thanksgiving Placemat Coloring Page

DIY Thanksgiving Table Coloring Placemat

This placemat leaves plenty of room for your kiddo to draw their Thanksgiving favorite. How many slices of pie can they fit on the plate?

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Thanksgiving Word Games

Thanksgiving Crossword

Need a hint? We have more than 30 ideas for 5 down. This download includes a Thanksgiving crossword puzzle, word search, and word scramble.

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