Fall Leaf-Shaped Heat Therapy Pad

Decorate for fall with cozy throw pillows, inviting table toppers, and other cuddly autumn adornments. These easy-to-make crafts will transform your home into a harvest celebration.

To make the cover

1. Cut the leaf patterns out of flannel or another soft fabric. Hem the short edges (this will be the back of the cover).

2. If you like, add decorative leaf-vein stitching to the large piece.

3. Lay back pieces overlapping about 1inch in the middle, right side up.

4. Lay front piece on top -- right side down -- so that right sides are together.

5. Pin in place, stitch around the edge, and turn the cover right side out.

To make the rice pack:

1. Cut two pieces of the leaf pattern out of muslin.

2. Stitch together, leaving a 1-to-2-inch opening, and turn right side out.

3. Stitch up the middle, splitting the leaf in two lengthwise so the rice filler is more evenly distributed. (Be sure to leave an opening on both sides.)

4. Scent the rice with essential oils, and fill each side with rice but not too full.

5. Sew the opening closed, and put the rice pack in the therapy pad cover through the opening in the back.


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