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Bring the hues, shapes, and textures of autumn inside with these easy fall decorating ideas and projects for your whole house. We've selected fall crafts that don't take a lot of time but are still sure to elicit oohs and aahs.

Fall Photo Art Display

Capture the beauty of fall in a removable art display. Use a foam paintbrush to apply paint to the front and sides of 4x6-inch wood blocks. When all the blocks are dry, mount 3x5-inch fall photos using spray adhesive. Gently press each photo onto the painted side of each block.

To make this display, arrange 24 wood blocks into a heart shape and use removable adhesive strips to attach the blocks to the wall.

Veneer-Wrapped Vase

This cherry-and-maple veneer makes a sweet, natural-looking vase when wrapped around an old apothecary jar. Find veneer at crafts stores in a variety of colors. Give the vase a little shine by stitching on wooden leaves with sliver embroidery floss, then fill with your garden favorites for a flowery finish.

Darling Dipped Bowls

This trendy look is a cinch! Simply dip wooden bowls in a tub of pretty paint -- we used burnt orange and mustard yellow to mimic the colors of freshly fallen leaves. Use a paintbrush to remove excess paint from the bottoms; elevate on inverted screws on an old block of wood to dry.

Cheerful Cork Letters

Raise your wine glass and celebrate the new season with a cheerful ode to autumn. Our wall craft features multicolored wine corks, cut and glued together, on a backdrop of wooden letters. You can find precut wooden letters at your nearest crafts store.

Cute Cheese Markers

Say cheese! To make these cheese markers, place vintage silver-plated forks between felt pieces and flatten in a vise. Place the front side up on a metal block and use metal stamps and a hammer to mark the name of the cheese. Cut off the top few inches of the handle, then make a curly loop by wrapping the handle in felt and curling it backward using pliers.

Nautical Napkins

Get nautical with these coastal blue dinner napkins. Simply switch the hues as each new season rolls in. Burnt orange, coral, and mustard yellow also make great colors for autumn or for great accent poufs like our display.

To make, first combine fabric paint and water until the mixture has a watery consistency. Then paint stripes across the napkin using a flat paintbrush. For thinner stripes, use a round brush. The color should bleed slightlly to achieve a watercolorlike appearance once the paint dries.

Pieced-Together Vase

Upcycle eclectic fabrics by decoupaging a pretty vase. Create your own papier-mache vase by choosing colors and patterns you love most for a one-of-a-kind patchwork centerpiece.

Wine Cork Trivet

We repurposed wine corks to make a creative trivet on the cheap. To make, measure and mark corks into 1/2-inch sections. Hot-glue the corks together, starting with one in the center and circling around it to make a flower shape. Be conscious of placing the best side (or the flattest side) of the cork to the side that will face up.

Paint the cork tops with cheery colors using crafts paints. When dry, top with a clear sealer.

Leaf Note Board

It's the season for thankfulness. Write daily reminders on pretty paper leaves for your fall message board. To make, simply cover foam-core board in linen and set in an old frame. Pin leaves cut from colored paper and old books to the board.

Paper Pumpkins

Halloween can be orange-heavy. Mix and match your fall decor by adding bold-and-bright paper pumpkins. Cut 1-inch strips of patterned paper, bend each strip into a circle, and attach using a brad at both the top and the bottom. Paint a white cork with the same color as the pumpkin and hot-glue the cork to the top for the pumpkin's stem. Embellish with ribbon and gems for a stylish (and easy) pumpkin decoration.

Get creative with your centerpiece designs -- a chalkboard-painted platter works great as a Thanksgiving centerpiece and can be transformed to use on your table year-round.

Creative Chalkboard Centerpiece

Learn how to use chalkboard paint to create a pretty fall centerpiece.

Fall-Theme Sandbag Bookend

Add fall flair to your bookshelf with these adorable bookends. To make, cut two 8X10-inch pieces of fun fabric and place right sides together. Sew three sides using 1/2-inch seam allowances; turn right side out. Insert a resealable plastic bag filled with sand, and topstitch all around to finish.

Framed Felt-Leaf Artwork

Snaz up your wall for fall with this easy autumn artwork. Simply mount felt leaf shapes (available at crafts stores, or you can stencil your own) in shadow boxes with fun patterned-paper mats. Use decorative stickpins and colorful snips of ribbon to add even more festive flair.

Festive Fall Globe Centerpiecs

Our worldly spin on this fall centerpiece is brimming with natural decor: burnt orange leaves, seedpods, small pumpkins and gourds, pinecones, and bittersweet. Separate the globe's hemispheres using an X-Acto knife along the equator, then make two separate centerpieces.

Trivet in Fall Theme

A closeup image of corn enlivens a long, narrow trivet; enlarge it on paper and decoupage to attach (smooth wrinkles with a ruler). To preserve the image, brush decoupage on the bottom, too.

Unique Paper Pumpkin Centerpiece

Rescue an old book and turn it into a stunning piece of autumn decor in a few easy steps. Remove the front and back cover of the book and trace our pattern, available below, onto the first page. Place a cutting mat under about five pages and cut along the traced line using a crafts knife. Use the cut pages as a template to cut the rest of the pages.

Break the spine of the book by opening it in the center. Fold the spine back onto itself and hot-glue together; let the glue set. Hot-glue the first and last pages of the book together near the spine. Secure each page with a bead of hot glue along the spine to begin forming a rounded fan shape. When you are halfway through the pages, switch to the other side of the book and repeat. Paint your pumpkin using orange and brown spray paint; add an artificial leaf and stem to finish the project.

Personalized Fall Wine Wraps

It's easier than you might think to add personalization. Take this wine bottle: Two strips of fabric were cut to fit the bottle; tacky glue adheres them together. Use acrylic paint to add a monogram and a ribbon to cover the seam between the fabric pieces

Recycled Vase with Fall Flowers

You'd never guess this monogrammed fall vase -- perfect for holding fresh cut flowers -- was originally a plastic ketchup bottle. To make, cut off the top portion of the bottle with a crafts knife, and add one layer of papier-mache to the bottle; let dry. Create dimension on the vase by gluing a chipboard letter to the center of the bottle. Cover with another layer of papier-mache, easing over the monogram with a crafts knife. When dry, paint with crafts paints in desired colors (we used gold, brown, and gray hues), layering the colors for a natural stone effect.

Fall Color Patchwork Table

Liven up any fall party with an easy update to a glass top table. Measure your tabletop, then cut one piece of plain linen (this will be your background fabric) to the same size. Apply iron-on backing to the linen; set aside. Cut enough patchwork squares and rectangles from linen to fit the dimensions, lay the pieces on the floor to create your pattern, and apply iron-on backing to each piece. Use tacky glue to secure each linen piece to the background fabric in your desired pattern. When dry, place the piece on the table under the glass top, using spray adhesive to keep it in place.

Editor's Tip: Don't have a glass table? Use the same concept to upgrade an inexpensive glass tray or coaster set.

Pretty-up your tabletop with these easy holiday centerpieces. They work well fall through winter for any holiday occasion.

Easy to Make Centerpieces

For fall or winter holidays, these easy centerpiece projects are sure to be the star of the table.

Branch-Painted Vase

Acrylic paint markers are great tools, especially in a freehand design such as this one on a pretty fall vase. Choose two shades of brown and draw bare trees; cut tiny leaf shapes from pressed leaves or cardstock and use adhesive dots to attach to the vase.

Custom Fall Trivets

Bring the fall party to the table: Find favorite fall words or images; print out on paper and cut to fit the bottom of the coasters. Attach the paper with clear decoupage glue. Cut a piece of felt and glue to the back of the coaster to protect table surfaces.

Hanging Gourd Tablecloth

Small gourds and a no-sew cloth equal a festive table for fall activities. Measure your table; add enough yardage for a 6-inch drop and 1-inch hem all around. Notch a 5-inch square from each corner. Use fusible tape and an iron to hem at every edge. Add grommets, then string mini pumpkins through the grommets or weights and accents.

Fall-Inspired Cocktail Napkins

Cloth napkins add sophistication to cocktail parties, and you can make multiples in minutes from fall-color pieces of linen. Simply cut linen pieces to 5x5-inches, and create fringe by pulling threads from each side until the fringe is 1/4 to 1/2 inches long. You can use a single piece for each napkin, or stack and glue several pieces together for added weight.

Design a Fall Display Box

Put on a show of autumn color with a collection of small jewelry boxes. Paint the inside and outside of the boxes; glue autumn images -- ferns, pinecones, leaves -- to the bottom of each box, then glue the boxes together. Hang the unit as a display or use it to collect keepsakes.

Fall Coasters

Fall sips are all the sweeter with these unique coasters. Find a pretty autumn image or words and print out; cut to the size of coasters (or pillar candleholders) and adhere.

Fabric-Covered Fall Lamp

Fun fabric can instantly transform a ho-hum lampshade. Use an existing shade as a pattern; cut a scrap of fall-color material to fit (overlap the edges). Adhere with spray adhesive or fabric glue; fold the bottom and top edges under and glue in place.

Artful Fall Hangers

Everyday items can equal exceptional art, as these wooden hangers show. Paint hangers in two complementary colors; use them as frames to display interesting images, charming papers, or even fabric. Hang with plastic tacks.

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