8 Tools to Help You Snack Healthy

Whether you’re munching on pretzels or yogurt, keep your snacks fresh.
By Alex Loh
February 12, 2021
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Whether you're munching on an apple or crunching on pretzels, snacking can be part of a healthy diet. Depending on your goals, there are snacks that are good for weight loss, ones that can provide a boost of energy and even snacks that can help you have a healthy immune system

But, no matter what you're eating, snack-ciddents can happen: A spilled container of yogurt, stale cereal or a bag of pretzels that's been crushed to dust. So, we've rounded up our eight favorite tools to help you keep your snacks fresh so you can enjoy them whenever—whether that's in between meetings at work, on a road trip or just an afternoon craving

7 Tools to Help You Snack Healthy

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If you like to munch on dry snacks like granola, nuts or cereal, this container will keep them from going stale. With an airtight seal, this stackable container can hold up to 1.1 quarts of food.

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This set of two bags is perfect if you’re packing lunch for work or school. You can keep your snacks separate from your sandwich so they stay fresh and don’t absorb any unwanted moisture. 

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For those that can never decide between a sweet or salty snack, this bento snack box is for you. With four compartments, you can easily pack a variety of different treats that will satisfy any snack craving.

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This container has two sections, which makes it perfect for snack combinations like yogurt and granola or hummus and veggies. The dishwasher-safe container will keep ingredients fresh and separate until you’re ready to enjoy.

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Instead of mindlessly reaching into the popcorn bag, portion out your snack with these 1-cup containers. This set of four containers is microwave- and dishwasher-safe and can be stacked on top of each other for easy storage.

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One of our favorite healthy, grab-and-go snacks is cut-up fruit or veggies (especially with a tasty dip like yogurt, peanut butter or hummus). Keep your cukes, carrots and berries in tip-top shape with this produce keeper that traps ethylene gas to help them stay fresh and last longer.

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Say goodbye to cleaning up messes with this kid-friendly snack container. The container has a weighted base (so it can’t get knocked over) and an attached lid (so it won’t get lost). Plus, it comes with a spill guard that can be removed as your child gets older and there’s less worry about messes.

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