These Halloween trends are so cool, it's scary.

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As you plan your annual Halloween bash and dream up creative Halloween costumes for your kids, let Etsy's predictions for Halloween trends of 2018 inspire you. According to Etsy's resident trend expert Dayna Isom Johnson, these are the top trends for party decor and costumes this year—follow them if you want to be on-trend, or do your own thing if you hope to win the most original costume award. Scared of how long it might take you to DIY these trends? Have no fear—we've even included some ready-to-shop options for the easiest Halloween ever.

Girl Power Costumes

Etsy GIrl Power Halloween Costume
Image courtesy of Etsy

Etsy has seen more than 170,000 searches for "girl power" in the past year alone. To continue the trend, expect to see lots of costumes inspired by badass woman, from real-life ones to comic book heroes.

To buy: Supergirl costume, $75,

Friends Costumes Are the New Couples Costume

Friends wearing Halloween butterfly costumes from Etsy
Image courtesy of Etsy

Sure, couples costumes are fun, but best friends costumes are even better. For Halloween 2018, grab your BFF and get dressed up in your best matching ensembles. A coven of witches, your favorite sports team, or the cast of Mean Girls is all fair game.

To buy: Butterfly wings, $46,

Industrial Chic Is the New Modern Farmhouse

Image courtesy of Etsy

While the modern farmhouse look may show no signs of stopping (thanks, Joanna Gaines). the trend experts at Etsy predict that chic industrial style has the power to replace it. For Halloween decor, this means lots of concrete, cool neutral tones, and clean lines. Plus, these sturdy materials—like this set of concrete pumpkins—are reusable and will last in storage for years, making the holiday much less wasteful.

To buy: Set of 3 concrete pumpkins, $21,

Concrete Skull Planters

Skull planter

Some years unicorns are in style, other years pineapples are trendy. Well for 2018, skulls are in vogue. From concrete skull planters, to skull pumpkin carving designs, you'll see this creepy-cool motif showing up everywhere.

To buy: Skull planter, $16,

Seeing the Future

Etsy tarot cards

So far in 2018, Etsy has seen over 250,000 searches for "tarot cards," and according to Dayna Isom Johnson, the trend is sure to pick up in popularity as Halloween draws near. To incorporate the trend into your Halloween party, invest in a set of cards, some tarot-inspired wall art, or a palmistry-themed candle.

To buy: Affirmation cards, $52,

True Crime

Fingerprint Halloween wall art

If your Netflix queue is all about true crime dramas, then this Halloween trend is for you. Order some caution tape, fake blood, and magnifying glasses—and set the scene at your Halloween party by decorating a crime scene.

To buy: Fingerprint poster, $20,


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