This Genius $17 Gift Wrapping Hack Will Save You So Much Time This Holiday Season

“Wrapping gifts has never been easier!” 
By Rebecca Carhart
Updated November 16, 2020
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You’ve made a list and checked it twice, but once you’ve completed your holiday shopping and found the perfect gifts comes the time-consuming task of wrapping them all. Ask anyone who has spent hours wrapping all their presents, and they’ll tell you the worst part of the process is that awful moment when your scissors don’t glide across the wrapping paper as you hoped; instead of a razor-sharp straight line, your gift wrap is full of jagged edges. 

Luckily, the Little Elf Gift Cutter is here to solve this gift-wrapping problem, as one shopper says it gives you “clean cuts every time, no matter the thickness of the paper.” The handy gadget is designed to fit around a roll of wrapping paper. When you are ready to cut, just pull your desired amount of paper through the cutter’s opening, place the end of the paper roll in the blade slot, and push The Little Elf away from you — you’ll be left with a perfectly cut piece of gift wrap.

It first gained popularity when it was seen on “Shark Tank” last year and has quickly become a fan favorite among Amazon shoppers. More than 1,400 of them have given the wrapping tool a perfect five-star rating, with many saying that “wrapping gifts has never been easier!” 


One customer called it a “game changer.” Adding, “This product takes the frustration out of gift wrapping. I’ve been using gift bags for years due to the frustration of wrapping gifts… this year I couldn’t wait to wrap more!” 

And the tool can cut more than just wrapping paper. Some shoppers said they used it to cut ribbons, and the brand says it can also be used to slice rolled vinyl for crafting projects. Plus, when they aren’t wrapping gifts, many customers say they kept The Little Elf attached to their wrapping paper rolls to prevent them from unraveling and creating a mess. At just $17 for a two-pack, The Little Elf gift cutter is an affordable way to save time and frustration when wrapping gifts this holiday season. Shop it for yourself at Amazon.