Here’s why we love this new spice packaging.

By Megan Soll
August 04, 2020
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As we’ve been cooking at home more often, keeping our dry goods, utensils, and cookware organized but accessible is more necessary than ever. No matter what your kitchen layout might be, it always feels like there just isn’t enough space. Then there is the eternal question for every home cook: “How do I organize my spice collection?”

spice house flatpack mail
Credit: The Spice House

The online spice purveyors at flatpacks contain the same amount of spices as standard jars (½ cup or 4 ounces), but take up far less space and ship free to anywhere in the U.S.—even if you order only one. The bags are resealable and offer an alternative to tossing out plastic or glass whenever you need new seasonings. 

spice house flatpacks
Credit: The Spice House

Another problem for frequent cooks is keeping extra fresh spices on hand. Even if you own every rack, shelf, and lazy Susan in the book, you still need extra peppercorns, vanilla beans, and chili powder to avoid emergency runs to the grocery store. All those extra bottles eat up cabinet space. Flatpacks are the perfect backup. You can stock them in your pantry to refill your jars whenever they’re running low. 

The single or double wooden holder to keep them organized like files in a filing cabinet, ordered alphabetically or however else you'd like. As a type-A person, this is the absolute dream for my kitchen space. Consistent-quality spices in a fully organized format that I can order single refills for any day of the week? Anything that helps me skip the grocery store is a quarantine blessing, so these flatpacks are a pantry slam-dunk.

spice house flatpack storage
Credit: The Spice House

Currently, flatpacks are available for over 200 spices and blends. The Spice House has hundreds of singular herbs and spices, from Jamaican Jerk Seasoning. Prices range from $4 to $10 per pack, depending on the spice.


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