Two major ice cream companies have revealed ruby chocolate products.

By Hayley Sugg
January 07, 2020
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Just in time for Valentine's Day desserts, or anyone waning from their New Year's resolutions of healthy eating, Magnum has announced the release of their new Ruby Minis. The product will feature the recently discovered ruby chocolate, which is sourced from the ruby cocoa bean. Boasting a bright pink color and berry-like flavor, ruby chocolate is the first new chocolate to hit the market since the invention of white chocolate in the 1930s.

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Courtesy of Magnum

With the launch of their new Ruby Minis, Magnum says they will be the first national ice cream brand in the United States to sell a product with ruby chocolate. Magnum Ruby Minis are currently available at select retailers and will be sold nationwide at grocery stores starting in February. The suggested retail price is $4.99 for a pack of six bars.

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But Magnum isn't the only ice cream company hopping on the ruby chocolate train. Häagen-Dazs seems to have a few new products up their sleeve. According to Candy Hunting on Twitter, Häagen-Dazs Ruby Cacao Ice Cream Bars should be available in the United States soon, a theory which is backed up by this currently "Out of Stock" listing on Walmart's website. There's also the possibility of a pint in our future, with Kroger's website having an "Unavailable" listing for Ruby Cacao Crackle Ice Cream from the brand as well.

Courtesy of Walmart

While Magnum's ice cream release is still a month away, and Häagen-Dazs has yet to announce theirs, we can expect to see new ruby chocolate products as a trend throughout 2020.

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