It’s a unicorn that goes on creamy, but doesn’t crease all day.

By Rachel Nussbaum
Updated January 07, 2021
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Even though 2020 is officially over, it still feels like the year's doom and gloom is hanging around like someone smoking outside your window. With the number of worry lines and under-eye bags that have assembled, we may as well have served two terms as president while in a wind tunnel. If you're feeling similarly zombie-fied, Amazon shoppers say one $5 concealer is the trick to turning their dark circles into bright and fresh-looking skin. 

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

The takes are red-hot, with 14,238 five-star ratings promising that Maybelline's Fit Me Liquid Concealer is the only concealer worth buying. "My under-eyes and eyelids are so prone to dark shadowy-ness that I swear it looks like I have a penchant for punching myself in the face as part of my morning routine," one shopper wrote in their review poetically/tragically titled "concealer comes and goes, but dark circles are forever." 

The shopper called out the concealer's perfect texture, described as "not too sheer but not too thick," and continued: "As a result of my unrelenting dark circles, concealer and I have a very intimate relationship. I swear that I have tried EVERY concealer and eye brightener that any magazine, beauty blog, or friend has ever recommended … The point is, out of ALL of the concealers I've tried, this Maybelline one is my favorite." 

Credit: Amazon

Others say that this budget pick is worth its weight in gold, blowing $30 options out of the water. Some people called it their "favorite concealer of all time" and the "best natural-looking concealer" — just a few dots of the creamy formula can completely cover undereye circles without the dreaded caking side effect. It's so good, some say they've stuck with the Fit Me line for nearly decades and that it even covers health condition-induced dark circles.      

A mom of three who reviewed the product said "it's like magic," adding that the effect and longevity are so "extraordinary," she's ordering a second tube. "Seriously, this is phenomenal. It still looks good six hours later, and I'm 42 with three kids running around inside and outside, working at home, playdates at the park... I'm shocked." 

It may come as a surprise that a concealer that costs less than a large coffee works this well, but heading into the new year, we'll take any good news we can get. There's no sense in letting dark circles dominate (especially since they're still visible while wearing a face mask) when Maybelline's $5 wonder exists


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