This Candle Smells Like Your Grandmother's Kitchen

If you can't be there in person, be there in scent.
By Kimberly Holland
Updated November 11, 2020
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When you're craving a bit of comfort, it's easy to wish you were back at home, sitting with your family around the kitchen table or swinging under your favorite tree. But you can't always go home. At least not in person. Whether time has passed and your loved ones are no longer with you, or events like the current global pandemic have you staying away from friends and family for fear of spreading the virus, it's not always easy to revisit your favorite stomping grounds or your family's treasured homeplace. But one candle company is making finding the feeling of being "home" a bit easier with their candle that's been carefully designed to smell like the classic grandmother kitchen.

Hand-poured in the U.S. and made with a natural soy-wax blend, the Homesick Grandma's Kitchen candle wastes no time getting to the scent of the matter: sometimes, you just want to go home. The brand describes the candle with foods that are sure to make your mouth water: "Warm apple pie with extra ice cream. Snickerdoodles fresh from the oven. Sugar and spice and everything nice."

Credit: Courtesy of Homesick Candles

Base notes of classic vanilla and sugar cookie are warm, inviting. Middle notes of cinnamon and clove dance delicately across your nose. The top notes are sure to bring you right to the point of comfort, even if you can't leave your house, with scents of butter, apple, and cream.

In addition to this candle scents that reminds you of apple pies baking in grandmother's kitchen, Homesick has also managed to capture some of the most iconic events and activities in scented-wax and reed diffuser forms. The collection, which is only available during autumn, highlights scents you might experience while Pumpkin Picking (pumpkin and spice), walking through an Apple Orchard (apple and sugar), or enjoying a Friday Night Football game (popcorn and grass).

They also offer a few food-themed luminaries, like Birthday Party (cake and buttercream), Let's Toast (Champagne and sparkling wine), and one to offer as a gift of thanks that releases calming scents of cucumber and lemon flower.

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