It’s as beautiful as you’d expect, but it’s also full of smart decorating ideas anyone can use.

By Lauren Phillips
July 10, 2019
Image courtesy of Crate & Barrel.

Making the trip to a brick-and-mortar furniture store isn’t the only option for updating your home these days—thanks to the best online furniture stores, resale sites, and the like—but there’s still something to be said for wandering around the showroom of your favorite furniture store. They’re full of inspiration and are constantly displaying new ways to help people rethink their homes—and Crate & Barrel is trying something it’s never tried before with its first restaurant.

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Named The Table at Crate, the new restaurant from Crate & Barrel looks like something straight out of a Crate catalog (duh)—but you can also eat there. (Chef Bill Kim, who’s well known in Chicago, is leading the kitchen, so it’s sure to be a good meal.) IKEA has already proven that offering a well-designed, delicious restaurant within a store is a good idea, and Crate & Barrel is trying the same thing—with some beautiful lessons any C&B fan can take home.

The Table at Crate is located in Crate & Barrel’s Oak Brook, Illinois, store and opens in mid-July, so seeing it person may not be in the near future for many people, but there’s still plenty to learn from this stunning space. Read on for some smart decorating inspiration, and study up on your Crate & Barrel shopping secrets—you might be itching to make a Crate & Barrel visit (digitally or in-person) by the time you’re done.

Image courtesy of Crate & Barrel.

1. Mixed Countertop Materials

Our admiration of waterfall countertops is well-documented, but Crate & Barrel gives the look a fresh spin by topping a gorgeous marble bar with a butcher block countertop. We’re used to seeing mixed materials from Crate & Barrel, but this puts the look on a whole new scale. The wood and marble together strike a balance between casual and sophisticated and absolutely make you want to pull up a barstool—and try mixing marble and wood (with brass and geometric black accents) at home.

Image courtesy of Crate & Barrel.

2. Pendant Lights Forever

Pendant lights aren’t a new trend, exactly, but Crate & Barrel’s use of them in small clusters makes us want to bring home all the pendant lights and group them together. The Table at Crate uses pendant lights liberally, but the arrangement of several together offers the look of a deconstructed chandelier—just the sort of casual, refined light fixture that will make any space feel put-together and modern.

Image courtesy of Crate & Barrel.

3. Mismatched Seating

Again, not a new trend, but one that continues to pop: Crate & Barrel uses velvet chairs in a range of colors to make the dining tables feel playful and coordinated all at once. Some uses of this trend feature chairs of different shapes, which ventures into more eclectic territory; using the same chair in a range of colors, as seen here, manages to still feel more grown-up than thrift-store chic. The more colors, the more playful the look—limiting it to two or three differently colored chairs (The Table at Crate uses four) will feel more refined.

Image courtesy of Crate & Barrel.

4. Anything Can Be Wall Art

Hang your dishware (maybe the dishware you don’t use too often) on the wall, and it’s a work of art unlike any other. The Crate & Barrel team used more than 100 pieces of the store’s classic dinner and serveware to make this full-wall installation happen, but you can get the look at home with as many plates, platters, and more as you can spare.

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