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By Betsy Cribb of SouthernLiving.com
August 06, 2018
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Corningware Blue Cornflower
Image courtesy of Bed Bath & Beyond.

It seems likely that between weekly Sunday suppers at your grandmother’s house, all the baby and bridal showers you’ve attended, and church potlucks, you’ve seen CorningWare’s classic blue-and-white cornflower casserole dishes before.

First introduced in 1958, CorningWare, with its simple, pretty cornflower pattern, was an immediate favorite of Southern hostesses who liked to entertain graciously, but also prized efficiency in the kitchen. Taking advantage of their forward-thinking kitchen tech, CorningWare made especially durable cookware: The material used for the dishes could be whisked from the fridge into the oven without shattering and then straight to the table for a piping hot dinner served in a pretty presentation. Plus, it meant the cook had fewer dishes to clean up afterward. Win, win, win.

For decades, the patterned bakeware-serveware combo graced buffet tables and kitchen counters all over the country, but eventually, its popularity waned and it disappeared from shelves only to reappear on eBay as a pricy find for ceramics-loving collectors. Now, though, you won’t have to compete with other ceramics fiends to stock up on CorningWare.

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the iconic pattern, and to celebrate the occasion, CorningWare (which is now part of Corelle Brands) has released a full collection of bakeware and cookware that features the beloved, old-school cornflower pattern. In addition to the classic casserole dishes, which come in a variety of sizes, the anniversary celebration line also includes a 3-piece ramekin set, a mug (with a lid!), and plenty of plates. They’ve even launched a knife set that has cornflower-patterned blades! Chopping veggies has never been so retro-chic.

Best of all, the price point is pretty hard to beat. Casseroles all come in under $50, save a 4-piece casserole set that will set you back $75; and individual pieces, like plates and storage bowls, cruise in under $10 a pop. A little, nostalgia-filled piece of Grandmama’s kitchen at a price that won’t break the bank? That’s our kind of pantry party.


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