"The child would be outside to greet the trashmen and trash truck regularly, whether it was 30 degrees or 100 degrees."

By Char Adams
August 09, 2019

One little boy in Oklahoma just can’t keep away when local sanitation workers come through his neighborhood to pick up the garbage — and they decided to give back with a special surprise.

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The City of Jenks shared a sweet Facebook photo earlier this month of Aaron Mitchell, an employee with American Waste Control, smiling alongside the young boy after giving him a toy recycle truck. Officials said the boy — whose name has not been made public — often interacts with Mitchell along his route.

“The child would be outside to greet the trashmen and trash truck regularly, whether it was 30 degrees or 100 degrees,” officials wrote in the post. “As a result, the crew on the back of the truck became friends with him and his family.”

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Mitchell gave the boy the truck in a Mickey Mouse gift bag, and officials said Mitchell gave the toy out of his “own generosity.”

Jenks officials did not immediately respond to a request for comment from PEOPLE.

The boy has become friends with the workers, even bringing them water and snacks during their route, CBS affiliate WNCN reports.

The Facebook post has since been shared nearly 400 times. Commenters praised Mitchell and the other workers, with one writing, “The guys are the best, always waving and giving my boys a little honk.”

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“I didn’t know his name, but he really is super sweet! Always waving to kids when they see him,” another social media user added. “I don’t know if he knows, but that small gesture means a lot to some little ones!”

Some even had kind words for Mitchell specifically.

“We love Mr. Mitchell!!” one commenter wrote. “He always takes a minute to wave and talk with my 2 year old, Annie. He and his team are the best!”

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