These Best-Selling Dish Cloths Work Like ‘Magic’ for All Kinds of Household Cleaning Projects

They have over 35,000 perfect ratings—and they’re on sale.

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Swedish Wholesale Dish Cloths


Dish towels are an indispensable part of your kitchen—and your home. From sopping up huge messes to streak-free window cleaning, a good kitchen towel is one that you can depend on for a multitude of house projects and chores. You'll want to keep them stocked and ready for everyday use on anything that requires a wipe-down.

With over 35,600 perfect ratings, Amazon shoppers have come to depend on the Swedish Wholesale Dish Cloths to clean up not only kitchen spills but for all kinds of household cleaning tasks as well. The pack of 10 is available in 10 colors, and it's currently on sale ahead of the Amazon Prime Early Access event for $22—that's just over $2 apiece. Crafted from eco-friendly cellulose sponge and cotton material, these reusable towels can absorb up to 20 times their weight in liquid and are also biodegradable, all while remaining durable. Even the heaviest messes in your home can now be handled with ease.

Swedish Wholesale Swedish Dish Cloths


Buy It: Swedish Wholesale Dish Cloths, $22 (was $25), Amazon

The lint-free cloths can scrub, dry, and soak up spills on all kinds of surfaces like marble, stainless steel, tile, glass, and wood. And cleaning the cloths themselves is effortless, too; all you have to do is throw them in the washing machine when you're done.

The best-selling dish rags can be used wet or dry: A shopper who has purchased multiple sets and dubbed them the "best cloths ever," shared that they use them daily—not to mention “everywhere”—and that “each purchase has lasted a year or two.” They noted that you can "scrub with them" when dry, and that the cloths "get soft again when wet" for more gentle cleaning.

The Swedish Wholesale Dish Cloths were also highly recommended by another shopper who replaced their "smelly" dish cloths with the ultra-absorbent alternative and was pleased to find that the towels dried quickly, preventing any lingering odors. Incorporating them into their cleaning routine also helped them "cut down on [their] paper towel use."

Another five-star reviewer prefers to use the "workhorse" dish cloths to clean their stainless steel appliances and the inside of their fridge over other rags because they "pick up everything" and achieve "magic" results. They even called the cloths the “best thing since sliced bread.”

If you're ready to make paper towels a thing of the past and want a simple eco-friendly upgrade that rivals your usual go-to kitchen towels, check out the Swedish Wholesale Dish Cloths. Shop them while the set is still on sale for $22 at Amazon.

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