6 Sweater Storage Ideas for Your Closet, Dresser, and More

Prep for sweater weather with these smart storage solutions that keep your knits neat.

Once summer wraps up and pumpkin spice lattes are back in stores, it doesn’t take long for sweaters to start making their appearance outside of the closet. And your go-to knitwear needs to be ready for just about any occasion, whether you're apple picking or attending a holiday party. Organizing sweaters properly not only helps you find them in a pinch, but it also goes a long way in maintaining their condition.

Proper sweater organization almost always calls for them to be folded on a shelf or in a drawer. This is because hanging sweaters can cause the fabric to stretch and create bumps on the shoulders.

Whether you possess an abundance of knitwear or just a few favorites, prefer bulky styles or fine cashmere, the following sweater storage ideas will help keep them tidy and in tip-top shape.

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1. Use Shelves to Create a Boutique Look

Any closet, regardless of size, deserves a wow factor when you open the door. Clothing is the main attraction so be sure to give it the proper treatment and display your favorite pieces. Fold sweaters horizontally and place them flat on open shelves, sorting by type, color, or both. This is one of the best methods for storing sweaters, especially if you’re a fan of bulky sweaters, since you're not as constrained for space as you might be when storing them in a drawer.

A rule of thumb to follow when adding any clothing to a shelf is to stack them no higher than a foot. This will help you pull things ou easier and reduce the likelihood of the pile toppling over. Another way to keep things in line is to slide on some shelf dividers between the stacks. 

2. Invest in Drop-Front Boxes

An alternative to placing sweaters directly on a shelf, boxes come with a multitude of benefits. For one, they keep their contents dust-free, making them an excellent option for designer knits or more expensive options such as cashmere. Choose a style with a hinged drop front to allow easy access to any sweater at any given time. If you have a tall closet, stack a few boxes on top of one another. This helps you maximize vertical space without piling up too many sweaters. Many options also feature a clear material for the box fronts, allowing you to see exactly what’s inside. Sort by style and color within the boxes.

3. Fold into Drawers

Perhaps you’re out of shelf space or simply lack it in the first place. Your best option is to use drawer space instead. Whether it’s built into your closet system or you use a dresser in your bedroom, locate the deepest drawers you have. Because they're bulky, sweaters take up a considerable amount of room wherever they’re stored, so the deeper the drawer, the better. Use the file folding method when placing sweaters into drawers. This saves space and lets you see exactly what you have.

4. Tuck Them into a Bench

Can’t find or make room in your drawers? Think outside the box and consider a bench with hidden storage. Typically used in the bedroom to hold extra linens, a bench can also be used for knits. Find one that matches the style of your room and place it at the foot of your bed or against a wall. Use the same folding system as you would in a drawer, placing sweaters vertically as opposed to horizontally.

You can also use a cedar chest to store sweaters. Cedar is known to repel moths, which are often attracted to fabrics such as wool. However, your clothing needs to be completely clean and dry each time it goes into the chest to avoid attracting these pests. Wrap individual pieces in acid-free tissue paper to prevent sweaters from coming in direct contact with the cedar. Or use a bench made from a different material and toss in a handful of cedar sachets.

5. Use a Hanging Sweater Cubby

Hanging organizers are good for a variety of clothing. Fold sweaters horizontally and slide them into each cubby to keep them neat and save space on your shelves. A finite amount of space in each cubby limits how many sweaters you can stack, but many come with six or more tiers. If you prefer the file folding method, choose a hanging organizer that comes with drawers so you can store sweaters horizontally while also concealing clutter. A hanging sweater organizer is an ideal choice when you have a bit of extra space on your closet rod but are short on shelf space.

6. Hang Sweaters Without Damage

If you have plenty of room on your closet rods, you can hang your sweaters. However, it should be done carefully to avoid stretching or misshaping the fabric. First, fold the sweater in half so that the arms line up with one another. Then, using a sturdy suit hanger, line the hook of the hanger between the sleeves and the rest of the sweater. Lay the sleeves over one side and the body over the other. You can opt to tuck the ends into the bottom of the hanger to keep it more secure. Lastly, hang the sweaters together in one area of your closet so you can find your favorite in a flash.

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