There's one simple way to make your outdoor spaces as comfy, cozy, and stylish as your inside spaces: decorative pillows. That's right — why should your beds and couches inside have all the fun? These outdoor pillows are pretty, plush, and the perfect pop of color for your patio furniture. Plus — they're all super affordable and available at along with your other favorite Better Homes and Gardens products.

A great addition to your outdoor furniture, just steps from your actual garden, is the Garden Outdoor Toss Pillow. This one has soft polyester fill on the inside, and a UV-treated polyester outside for long-lasting use. Compare the pretty butterflies and dragonflies on this to the actual critters stopping by your yard to say "Hi!" 

Better Homes & Gardens Garden Outdoor Toss Pillow

Price: $8.88

Dig the Zig Zag

The fashionable Native Pillow boasts a pretty design that goes with nearly all patio furniture. We also like this one for lying on at night to look up at the stars. 

Better Homes & Gardens Native Outdoor Toss Pillow

Price: $8.88

Stylish Stripes

Anyone else already picturing party guests lounging on this fashionable fabric? This toss pillow gives a modern look to your backyard. 

Better Homes & Gardens Club Outdoor Toss Pillow

Price: $8.88

Rosy Red

We love the bright Red Lace Medallion Pillow for tons of reasons, but the fact that it matches perfectly to any roses growing in your backyard (or even placed on a patio table in a nice vase) is one of our favorite reasons to have this pillow around. 

Better Homes & Gardens Red Lace Outdoor Toss Pillow

Price: $8.88

Funky and Fashionable

The Bright Medallion Pillow is almost too nice to count as an outdoor pillow, but that's exactly what it is! Adorn your front porch chairs or loveseat with this one to show it off to all your neighbors. 

Better Homes & Gardens Medallion Outdoor Toss Pillow

Price: $8.88

Classic Comfort

There's not a beautiful backyard in the world where the Fleur Pillow doesn't belong. The neutral color brings a classy vibe to your outside seating arrangement. 

Better Homes & Gardens Fleur Outdoor Toss Pillow

Price: $8.88

Lovely and Leafy

The Gray Leaf Pillow knows where it belongs. We love the leaf designs on this one, and it makes a great companion for when you're reading a book in your favorite shady spot in the yard. 

Better Homes & Gardens Leaf Outdoor Toss Pillow

Price: $8.88

Beautiful Birdy

The Navy Bird Pillow is sure to have all your pals chirping over how much they love this one! This is the perfect accessory for anyone sticking with a nature vibe, and there's no birdseed required for this one! 

Better Homes & Gardens Navy Bird Outdoor Toss Pillow

Price: $8.88

Picnic Pretty

The Striped Toss Pillow is a must for any picnic you're planning. Your friends and family will clamor to sit on this cute cushion. 

Better Homes & Gardens Stiped Outdoor Toss Pillow

Price: $8.88

Coral Cuteness

If you liked the Navy Bird toss, you'll love its friend, the Coral Bird Pillow! The two pair beautifully together on a bench, but the charming coral color of this bird really allows this cute creature to go with any of your outdoor decor. 

Better Homes & Gardens Bird Outdoor Toss Pillow

Price: $8.88



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