We all know pesky insects can take the fun out of any backyard bash. Keep bugs far away this summer with these stylish insect repellers!

July 08, 2016

Created to burn more than 100 hours, this hand-poured citronella candle gives off notes of bergamot, pineapple leaf, fresh grass, and jasmine.

Price: $58

Luminous Lantern

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Light the way with this patio lantern! It's compact and portable and keeps pesky bugs far away!

Price: $29.99

Backyard Brilliance

Create instant ambience and keep insects away with this stunning copper torch!

Price: $188.99

So-Sweet Citronella

Not only do citronella candles smell great, but they keep pesky bugs in check! This charming candle does just that and is only $10!

Price: $10

Cute and Compact

Don't let mosquitoes ruin your time outdoors! Keep bugs at a distance with this decorative blue lantern.

Price: $14.99

Pretty Pastels

Brighten up your outdoor decor with these pretty citronella candles!

Price: $48

Bugs Be Gone

Whether you're gardening, grilling, or simply enjoying the great outdoors, make sure to have this torch around to keep you bug-free!

Price: $34.99

Tabletop Torch

Fill with citronella oil fuel and fall in love with the chic style and function of this compact torch!

Price: $9.98

Hang Around

Use natural oils to repel pests! These hand-poured hanging citronella candles also add pretty appeal to your backyard.

Price: $28


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