People Are Making Stuffed Olive Ice Cubes for Better Martinis

A viral series of videos online shows smart martini drinkers freezing olive brine, blue cheese, and olives for better dirty martinis—here’s how to try it.

Some frequent orderers of martinis definitely know their preferred blend—and will take nothing but their perfect martini—but for equal opportunist martini drinkers, there’s a world of potential with every order. You can get yours shaken or stirred, with gin or vodka—even with the promise of it being extra dirty and topped with a blue cheese olive, if you like. Or, perhaps, you want your martini garnished with a stuffed olive ice cube.

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TikTok’s resident cheese gal (her handle is literally @Chzgal) has dreamt up the most genius way to keep your martini chilled and dirty—aka the key to your perfect sipping experience. After taking a little inspo from fellow creator Disco Cubes, the Cheese Gal got to work on her own innovation: stuffed olive ice cubes. “Frozen blue cheese stuffed olives for your Dirty Martini 🍸,” she wrote on the social media platform. “They keep your Tini super cold and super dirty. Just the way I like them.”

The concept has garnered more than 92,000 views for good reason (it’s genius). Fans agree. “Girl…you are like Martha Stewart!” one user wrote, with another adding, “OMG. How BRILLIANT!!!! Luv extra dirty martinis.” Even non-martini drinkers want in on the action: “Oh wow! Not a martini fan…but that makes me want to have one.”

Before you dive into Martha Stewart mode yourself (or hey, maybe you’re more of a Barefoot Contessa! We love that for you!), let’s talk supplies: To make stuffed olive ice cubes, you’ll need an ice cube tray, olives, blue cheese, and olive brine. For the tray, the Cheese Gal got a cylindrical option on Amazon. (Lucky for us, she linked the exact product in her storefront.) Feel free to use what you have lying around, too. Stuffed olive ice cubes made in differently shaped trays might not look quite as aesthetically pleasing, but it sure will taste the same.

To kick things off, you’ll want to mix up your blue cheese filling. The Cheese Gal used olive oil for hers, but heavy cream, milk, or half-and-half should do the trick, too. Once you’ve filled your olives, halve them with a knife and place them in the cube tray. You’ll then want to pour the olive brine over them and freeze until it’s ’tini time. You can even whip up a few straight brine cubes if you want your martini filthy.

While the trend has been recreated by numerous TikTokers since the original videos from Cheese Gal and Disco Cubes, each seems to have their own spin. In fact, one user filled her cube trays with olive brine, vermouth, and a spicy olive for added kick and flavor.

While the point of a martini is to enjoy a cocktail without ice, this ice cube hack is a way to keep your martini chilled without watering down your ’tini formula. The so-called ice cube includes more vermouth, brine, and even added kick from the spicy olive. As Freestyle Snacks (aka the maker behind the above spicy olives variety) clapped back at one doubting commenter, “It gives the martini a second life.” We couldn’t agree more.

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