10 Stylish Ways to Store Purses and Handbags

Give each of your beloved bags a home with these simple purse organization ideas.

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When it comes to closet organization, a lot of attention is paid to clothing and shoes. Accessories, such as purses, tend to be an afterthought. However, they deserve their own organized space just as much as anything else in your closet.

When it comes to your wardrobe, handbags are often one of the largest investments. By keeping them tidy, you’ll avoid potential rips, tears, and stains, which is especially important if you decide to resell your items in the future. Additionally, having a dedicated storage solution for your purses means you’ll be able to view all of your bags easily and be prompted to use them more often. These beauties are meant to be seen, after all.

Use the following purse storage ideas to keep your closet clutter-free and put an outfit together in a flash.

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Slide on Shelf Dividers

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Often seen keeping chunky sweaters or pairs of jeans in line, shelf dividers are also an excellent option for purses. Find a set of tall shelf dividers that slide onto your closet shelves, whether wood or wire. Then line up medium bags on the shelf. If they don’t stand up well, stuff them with bubble wrap or acid-free tissue paper.

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Hang Bags Using Wall Hooks

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Create a fun display and functional storage in one fell swoop. Install a handful of hooks, such as hat hooks, on an empty wall in your closet or just outside of it. Arrange your favorite purses as well as hats and scarves onto the hooks. Not only will the array look decorative, it also makes good use of vertical space and allows you to reach for your favorite items with ease.

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Take Advantage of a Closet Door

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If the inside of your closet door is accessible, take full advantage of this often overlooked storage space. Install a rack or individual hooks and hang a few purses with long straps, such as cross-body bags. You can also use adhesive hooks, which are an excellent renter-friendly storage option. Aim to store lightweight bags using this method since they’re not designed to hold more than a few pounds at most.

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Repurpose a File Sorter

shelf with purses and wallets

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If you’ve recently decluttered or upgraded your home office, you might be left with some extra supplies. Take an old mail sorter and reuse it in your closet. Place the organizer on a shelf and slide a few clutches into the slots. Position larger bags and totes on either side to balance out the shelf.

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Find a Clutch Organizer

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No extra office supplies lying around? Turn to organizers made specifically for clutches. Many come in acrylic finishes to let your bags shine like they’re on display. Individual slots protect purses, especially those with embellishments, from rubbing up against one another.

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Pop Purses into a Cubby

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Whether in your entryway or closet, a cube storage unit is an easy solution to an abundance of accessories. Cubbies can be wall-mounted or freestanding and found in a variety of shapes and sizes. Choose one that suits your needs and alternate storing small items in baskets with displaying bags on a shelf. Be sure not to shove any handbags into a cube that don't easily fit. Instead, place large purses on top of the cubbbies to avoid damage.

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Recreate a Boutique Look

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You know the feeling when walking into a stunning boutique store? Recreate it in your own home. Utilize an existing wall to plan out your display, then install closet shelves as needed. Intersperse purses, shoes, and other accessories throughout the storage unit, coordinating by color or type.  Add a few open baskets to contain smaller bags.

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Use a Hanging Organizer

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A hanging cubby isn’t strictly for sweaters. These versatile organizers can also be used for shorts, hats, belts, and more. Slip in your clutches, wallets, and purses so that they stand up in a cubby. Avoid anything too heavy so they don’t weigh down or stretch the fabric material.

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Store Luggage Out of the Way

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Large purses and totes can be more difficult to organize due to their size, but weekenders, duffel bags, and suitcases need a home too. More than likely, you’re not using them often, so they’re best stored out of the way. Use a shelf high in your closet, or even one in a guest room, to tuck away luggage.

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Drop Them in a Drawer

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Out of shelf, wall, and hanging space? Consider reserving a drawer in your closet for purses. A drawer made of wire is the best option. Line them up so they sit in the drawer as if they’re file-folded. Then all you have to do is reach in and grab the one you want with minimal effort and you’re out the door. 

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