The New Starbucks Winter Feels Menu Is Here to Get You Through the Season

These new drink customizations are about to be your newest trick for getting—and staying–cozy this winter.

Winter can feel neverending at times, but here’s some good news: You’ve made it through January (extra congrats if it was dry or damp!), and Starbucks just released a new menu to provide you with a little pick-me-up for taking on the upcoming chilly months—proving that sometimes even slightly switching up your routine is enough to brighten a lot of things up. This week, you’ll be able to see and order the customized beverages via the home screen on the Starbucks app, all with the goal of matching whatever mood you’re channeling. Check out the three new Starbucks winter drinks below. 

Starbucks winter feels menu drinks


Winter Feels Cool Beverage Customizations

Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew with brown sugar syrup


Focus Mode: On

If you’re low on energy and looking for an added boost in productivity, this twist on the customer-loved Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew has you covered. Order the drink as usual, but swap out the vanilla syrup for brown sugar. The result is a combination of sweet and refreshing, with delicious notes of molasses. To substitute a syrup in the app, click “customize,” then “add syrups” under the Flavors category.

Writer’s note: The Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew is my go-to order, so I immediately had to try this one out. Switching up the syrups made drinking it an even more enjoyable experience than usual, the flavors were balanced and not overpowering, and—most importantly—it still gave me the caffeine fix I needed. 

Iced white chocolate mocha with pistachio cream cold foam



An iced white chocolate mocha is a delicacy in itself, but adding pistachio cream cold foam takes it up another level. With the nutty flavor topping off the rich white chocolate, this order is for those looking for something bold and exciting. To add cold foam to any beverage, tap “customize” and navigate to “add cold foam” under the Toppings category. 

The Pistachio Latte and newly-debuted Pistachio Cream Cold Brew were added to the Starbucks winter menu on January 3 to round out the comforting drink options offered during the post-holiday season. You can order the latte iced, hot, or as a Frappuccino, and the cold brew features the signature flavored cold foam and brown butter sprinkles.

Matcha latte with peppermint syrup and oat milk


Warm Fuzzies

Depending on where you’re hiding out this winter, sipping on a cold drink may sound unfathomable. For a dose of warmth, try customizing your regular matcha latte with oat milk and peppermint syrup. These classic soothing flavors are sure to help you embrace the best part of the season—the coziness. To change the milk in your drink of choice, simply tap the “milk” dropdown menu and make your selection.

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