These bathroom faucets are far from dry. Peep these seriously cool fixtures and update your bathroom with one easy swap!

By Hannah Statler
August 04, 2016
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We're #obsessed with this sleek and futuristic faucet design! Your guests will be wowed to wash their hands!

Price: $826.95

Victorian Touch

What could be more elegant than a Victorian-inspired sink faucet? This timeless style would be the perfect addition to any home!

Price: $398.55

Modern Finish

If there's anything we love, it's a matte-chrome finish. One look at this, and people will know what your style is all about.

Price: $79

Geometric Designs

This angular and geometric faucet shows some serious style. Simple and sleek -- what more could you possibly need?

Price: $365.95

Spruce Up Your Vanity!

What could be cooler than a waterfall sink faucet? All we can wonder is why it took us so long to find a faucet this great!

Price: $99.94

The Prettiest Focal Point

Every room needs a focal point, and this just might be yours. This faucet is seriously sleek and will draw nothing but positive attention as your latest vanity upgrade.

Price: $614.93 - $891.60

Inset Designs

This faucet sets in to your wall for a seamless and organic water flow to your bathroom sink. We're loving how the industrial feel of the pipe-shape faucet stands out!

Price: $206

Waterfall Aesthetic

We can't decide who will enjoy this waterfall faucet more – the kids or the parents! This glass waterfall faucet will bring a beautiful and modern aesthetic to your bathroom.

Price: $184.29

Simply Elegant

This brushed nickel faucet couldn't be more chic! With a tall curved design, it leaves plenty of space for washing up after messing activities for everyone in the family.

Price: $367.99

For Your Modern Bathroom

This chrome, single-hole faucet is the perfect modern update for your bathroom vanity. Its handle design is easy to use for those times when your hands are just too messy to deal with the knobs.

Price: $99.90


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