3 Dreamy Spring Floral Arranging Trends, According to a Professional

The founder of Venus et Fleur, which is known for its Eternity Roses, has the details on what floral arrangements and accessories you need this season.

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Nothing brightens a space like florals—especially in the spring. Whether you can arrange flowers like a pro or are a total novice, knowing what’s trending in the flower world can give you a starting point, inspiration, and the tools create an idyllic space. According to floral brand Venus et Fleur, this season it’s all about bringing nature indoors with the vessel, a vibrant variety of colors in mixed arrangements, and playing with different textures. 

If any brand has authority on deciding the biggest trends in floral arranging, it’s Venus et Fleur. The company made its name with its stunning boxes of Eternity Roses (which can last more than a year) and elegant Parisian designs, and founder Seema Chadha has plenty of tips for decorating with florals this season. Here’s a look into each trend and how to bring them to life.

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Venus et Fleur

Natural Materials

After spending months, even years, in lockdown due to the pandemic, people have gravitated toward finding solace in the outdoors—and that connection hasn’t wavered. When floral arranging, bringing nature into the home starts with the vessel and texture. Use materials like porcelain and marble for a hint of luxury, too.

“We are out of a pandemic, but that pandemic mindset maybe hasn’t fully gone yet,” Chadha says. “People are still wanting to be homebodies. So, that element of nature inside their home I think is what we're going to see for a while until things start changing economically and in the world.”

With vessels and other floral accessories, Chadha has seen that shoppers want an investment piece, such as heavy vases made of stone. She’s noticed her customers gravitating toward their porcelain texture, marble, and travertine vases since their launch, and across the board in design, people are looking for natural colors and elements.

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Modern Florals

Modern florals in innovative shapes are taking center stage, and Chadha has seen this firsthand with their popular Fleur Frame—a picture frame with flowers arranged around the edges—and mini arrangements that spell out a name or phrase. You can place them on a bookshelf or entry table to add a sense of your personal taste. 

“I think people want to see fresh takes on floral arrangements,” Chadha says. “So the need for your own personalized take in the floral industry has been really cool.”

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Venus et Fleur

Pops of Color and Texture

This year’s Pantone Color of the Year (Viva Magenta, a bright pink-red) has taken over interiors and floral trends. Because it’s such a vibrant color, introducing it in floral arrangements is the perfect way to add a pop without overdoing it.

For spring 2023, Chadha has seen pretty oranges (think: sunshine but not so bright) rise in demand.

“You can have all the neutral colors in your furniture, but to add that pop of color for a specific season,  just to make you happy, usually happens within the florals,” Chadha says. “We also have a mixed floral arrangement—it’s in a pomegranate colorway, and it has the beautiful hot pink and very vibrant violet color—so it just adds this incredible pop of color into space and just makes you feel happy.”

For texture, Chadha recommends the classic Eternity Roses for the modern, aesthetically pleasing box they come in to add structure.

“People are craving texture, she says. “They want to see movement within the flowers. So we have a dianthus and craspedia that adds a lot of texture into an arrangement and shape as well. And I think that is also another ode to nature, bringing nature into the home, letting it last a lot longer than your typical floral arrangement would.”

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How to Style Your Bouquets

Even if you’re just going to the grocery store to pick up a bouquet of simple flowers like baby’s breath or eucalyptus, having fun with texture and color can make your arrangement stand out. For something that lasts longer, Chadha suggests the Aphrodite vase, which comes with 12 long-stem roses, and can be styled and used over and over with your favorite blooms.

While Chahda believes these floral trends will fit best in a contemporary, traditional space, they’ll add warmth to any home.

“Making your home feel like your sanctuary I think has become more important than ever,” she says. “I think florals are that additional piece that can go into any space. It can just make any space look beautiful and special.”

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