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Keep your family's memories forever with beautiful photography and artwork. Pick the best technology for your needs with our helpful guide.

Photography and artwork give your home a personal touch and offer a special way to preserve family memories. To capture display-worthy moments, it's important to use the right technology. The process starts, of course, with a great camera.

Unless you are a professional photographer, you'll probably want a point-and-shoot camera that takes high-quality photos yet is easy to operate. The solution might be your smartphone or tablet. Sales of traditional cameras are on the decline as more people rely on the convenience of using their handheld devices to snap pics. Many phones and tablets now offer multimegapixel cameras with impressive HDR (high dynamic range) and zoom capabilities, as well as special effect, video, and wireless sharing options.

Although phone and tablet cameras have come a long way, they still cannot touch the quality of a DSLR (digital single lens reflex) camera and its lenses and accessories. If professional-looking images are important to you, you're in luck because DSLRs are getting smaller and more affordable. Many new point-and-shoot models cost about the same as a fancy smartphone. What's more, most now offer video and Wi-Fi photo sharing to compete with phones and tablets.

After filling your phone or storage card with awesome photos, you might want to do a little touch-up work before getting them printed. While some devices offer minimal editing features (cropping, filters, red-eye correction), the possibilities are endless with digital editing software. For as little as $30, you can turn your computer into a high-powered editor to make precise adjustments to color, light, shadows, and more. Choose a program designed for beginners and you can expect only a minor learning curve.

Once you've perfected your image, it's time to turn it into conversation-starting artwork. There are hundreds of online vendors that can create art from your digital files, which you upload to their site from your computer, phone, or camera. Traditional prints aren't the only option these days. Vendors can also print images onto almost any surface, including canvas, fabric, glass, wood, and metal. Think outside the box by creating turning photos into pillows, stockings, coasters, or wall decals.

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