The 8 Best Features of iOS 8

Whether you upgraded to an iPhone 6 or downloaded (or want to) the iOS 8 software update, there are some tricks to the new operating system. Keep reading to find out which features we think are the coolest.

Thanks to the upgraded iOS 8 system, your phone has a fresh look, and we bet you'll love some of the new features!

Discover 8 ways your iPhone is better with iOS 8.

Take Control of Group Texts

Ever had a group text conversation take a turn and you can't get your phone to stop buzzing? Now you can include who you want, remove who you don't, and leave the conversation at any time. Plus, turn on Do Not Disturb to silence the messages until you have time to read them all.

Snap Better Pictures

Take a photo and edit it in seconds right in the Photos app. Modify the light, adjust the composition, add filters, and use other editing tools to get professional results. 

Hide Certain Photos

You show someone a picture on your phone and they immediately swipe to look at more pictures. Yikes. Hide certain photos by going to your Camera Roll, holding your finger on a picture, and choosing 'Hide.' You can access the photo from the Albums at the bottom of the screen, but it will otherwise be hidden. 

Text Photos Faster

Want to share awesome pictures with friends or family? When messaging, tap the camera icon to see the most recent pictures in the Camera Roll. Select one and tap Send. Done. (You had a similar function when forwarding photos with iOS 7, but not when creating a new message.)

Smart Shortcuts

From anywhere, press the Home button twice and you'll see the faces and names of the people you've talked to recently displayed in a line across the top. Just tap one to call, text, or start FaceTime. 

Stay on Top of Your Health

The new Health app tracks your heart rate, calories burned, blood sugar, and more with a quick tap. Apps you already use will allow the Health app to have access to the information you choose, making it a one-stop for tracking everything you do. 

Just in Case: Create a Medical ID with important health information -- medications, allergies, emergency contacts, and more. This information can be accessed from the lock screen in case of emergency. 

Avoid Awkward Autocorrects

The new keyboard learns as you use it, suggesting often-used phrases and words as you type. It also learns what kind of language you use in texts to your spouse versus e-mails to your boss, suggesting proper word choices. Smart!

Keep It in the Family

Up to six people can share everything purchased from iTunes, iBooks, and the App Store without sharing accounts or passwords. Simply set up Family Sharing (located in the iCloud section of your Settings app) and get immediate access to each other's downloads, music, movies, and TV shows. 

Plus, be that family that never forgets school picture day or which night you work late. Share a family calendar and set reminders that will appear on everyone's devices at the same time. No more, "I didn't know," excuses. 

You can also stay on top of the kids' purchases by enabling 'Ask to Buy' to require permission for buying songs, books, and apps. Never be surprised by a bill again!

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